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daffy654 | 13:27 Thu 13th Jun 2013 | Animals & Nature
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My cat is still missing (if anyone was wondering), she hasn't been home since Saturday and we have pretty much given up hope now. We have done all the usual things like phoning vets and rescue places, put posters up in the village, spoken to neighbours and even advertised on web forums with no joy.


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Daffy, Piper went missing a couple of weeks ago for 5 nights and then out of the blue turned up again!!! skinny than before but other than that OK.

Don't give up yet xx
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I'm glad you got your cat back FGT.
Pepper is not a streetwise cat, we also live in a street with quite a few cat haters (next door for eg) so I wouldn't be surprised if she has been deliberately harmed, despite the fact neither of my cats are hunters and both use our own garden for toilet duties.
i hope she is ok daffy, don;t give up x
Oh no Daffy, :(

Hope she comes back soon.
Does he have a microchip?

I wouldn't give up hope just yet. There was a pet cat that went missing in Colorado and was found 5 years later wandering the streets of Manhattan, more than 1800 miles away. He was identified by his microchip and returned to his owners.
Hope she turns up

Ours did the same a couple of months ago - turned up none the worse after five days

We presume he had got himself locked in someone's shed or garage

Any outbuildings nearby that may not have been opened since Saturday?
It is the not knowing that is awful. Sorry to say this but try and get in touch with the council refuse dept. They may have some news, albeit bad, but you would know.
My thoughts are with you - keep hoping, as others have said they do come home.
I am sorry to hear about your cat being missing - I would be tearing my hair out worrying about her.

I hope that she toddles home soon - maybe with a big tom cat in tow.
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She is microchipped Octavius so we are hoping that even if she is found dead the council will inform us, if she is alive then we should get her back if she is taken to a vet or rescue place and scanned.

I have asked all my neighbours to check their sheds and outbuildings and they have all said she isn't in any of them.

I did have a cat once that went missing for two weeks then turned up safe, i'm hoping beyond hope that the same will happen with Pepper.
Have you put posters up locally - lamp posts (should that be one word?) or in the newsagents window. Contact your local Cats Protection branch.

It is at times like this that you realise that cats are pretty small animals - Pepper could be stuck in a shed or up a tree.
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Posters throughout the village, CPL phoned in both Blackpool and Preston, all local independent rescue places phoned, RSPCA phoned, local vets phoned, council highways cleansing dept phoned, all with no news of Pepper unfortunately.
You have been pretty busy - I hope that Pepper appreciates you (very much doubt it, you are only a human being).

Good luck - final thought - have to posted anything on Facebook?
Sorry to hear this daffy, I've still my fingers crossed for you for what it's worth. :-/

Remember Boxy's cat came back afte monthsand months away! I hope your cat turns up too. I'd be heart broken if Eric went missing.
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Yes, the missing pet register have her on their Facebook page and I have asked friends and family to share her picture too.
Daffy have you tried Mymoggy

I think they're quite active in your neck of the woods, my SIL has stuff constantly plastered over her FB page about lost and found cats, she lives in Blackpool.
Daffy, Piper is not a streetwise cat either at only 10 months old she is very timid as she was a stray found at 6 weeks old - she doesn't even like my hubby (she is not alone there)

Keep hope darling.
Hi daffy, I hope you find her soon, my little lady doesn't go out very often, and only usually for about half an hour , if that.
Last week she went out, 5 hours later she still hadn't come back. At half one in the morning I was up and down the street chuching her, no sign anywhere, she finally came back about quarter to three.
Are you on face book?
Have you thought about putting her picture and some details on there, its amazing how fast things spread on there.
Good luck. X X
Daffy, I'm so sorry - but please take heart that Rover was missing for seven months before he was identified back at the vets. Keep up the publicity, get something put in your local paper, posters in the supermarkets and pubs - I flyered lamposts and bus stops and all sorts. I got a lot of IDs which weren't him, but I couldn't believe how supportive people were. Make sure the dustmen know as well as Enviromental Health, and also distant vets - Rover was found four miles from home, it was purely by luck that the finder took him to our vets. Thinking of you - don't give up hope, keep up his cat insurance (btw we had lost cat cover in Rover's policy, so they paid us toward the cost of advertising, would you have the same?)
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Thanks everyone.

I will put her details on that link rocky, thanks for that.
Our Mollie went out one Friday night and was missing for 8 nights. She wandered in on the Saturday afternoon. Don't know where she had been but she had obviously been fed. Don't give up yet daffy, she may be shut in a garage or shed and the home-owner has maybe gone away. We have put a catflap in our garage door that only opens outwards to stop any cats getting shut in!

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