How Can I Encourage Birds Into My Garden?

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MadMen | 13:38 Thu 02nd May 2013 | Animals & Nature
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As above, is there a way to encourage birds into my garden?
I sat outside early this morning with a cuppa, and could hear the birds tweeting away, but couldn't see even one.
I've bought those little bird feeders in the past, but nothing. I've left bread out on the garden table (as advised) and had to pick it up days later when it was all soggy from the rain.

I don't have any cats, so not really sure why they seem to avoid the place?


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Have you got any trees?
Don't give them bread, it has naff all nutritional value and just fills them up.

Try buying some mealworms, they like those. But I fear trees are your most useful tool.

The downside is if you do encourage birds, you end up sitting outside for hours on "cat watch". Atm I am furiously protecting two blackbirds and their babies from my marauders (strategically placed super soakers seem to be doing the trick).
As ummmm says, they need trees and bushes to hide in and watch. I only put food out in winter and it takes them two or three days to come and eat then they stay all winter.
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Only a small cherry blossom tree, that's currently out in beautiful bloom - but that's it. Next door has some trees, which is probably where I can hear them from.
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Ah. This is the problem then, lack of trees and bushes. My garden is fairly 'plain'. Grass, some chippings, a shed, some potted plants - that kind of thing. What if I put a bird table up? Would that encourage them?
Try it - they like to be off the ground - they feel a bit safer.
Or get some chickens........ ;)

Hey, they are birds!
We used to have birds that nested in the side of my house every year (a redundant overflow pipe) and it was lovely sitting in the garden watching the parents take them on their first flying missions.
Get cats!!

Because as soon as you do the birds turn into Kamikazee pilots and seem to enjoy being in a garden with cats!!!!
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Lol :D

I'll get a bird table then, and see how we go with that.
Keep a look out for bird pictures being posted on here.... or maybe just an empty table :-/

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Ahh, I'd love just sitting there and watching them. It's so peaceful.

Not sure getting a cat is a good idea. I couldn't look after the budgie!! lol
they need evergreen shrub cover for perch & nesting,
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I was thinking of something a bit more immediate. Will go with the bird table and see if that gets them in here.

Right. I've gotta dash. Need to wake sickly child up, otherwise she won't sleep tonight and I'll have another night of watching Mr Tumble.... :-(

Thanks for the help ladies :))
The seem to like aerials as well!!
aye fill your garden with ariels and look like a right pikey!!!
There are loads of web sites that tell you how to attract birds into your garden.

Here is one as an example.
Garden get more than their fair share of our birdlife because so many of our species naturally live on the edge of woodland, if not in it. A garden provides those conditions by accident, and in abundance, because it has shrubs and a few trees. So, provided the food is at a safe height and near shrubs or trees, it will attract the birds into view. The birds always know you are there, as you can sometimes tell from alarm calls issuing from the greenery as you walk outside. If you are behind glass ( or a prepared sit outside, motionless, for a long time) a lot will appear.
Water is one of the most important things to have in your garden to attract birds. They can forage for food, but water is essential for drinking and bathing.
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I was thinking of a bird bath actually, so that might be a good idea along with the bird table.... and TV aeriels :D
We have 3 lots of water supply for birds. Water 1st priority.
I also put on a ledge every morning, tablespoon of porridge for the robins, birds, very close to conservatory window and I'm happy to watch them feed.

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