The Chicks Have Gone

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rockyracoon | 13:07 Thu 02nd May 2013 | Animals & Nature
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Went to check on them this morning and the nest was empty, hubbie saw them up the top of the garden hidden in the weeds, we watched them for a while and it was lovely, mum was flying up the fence and the little ones were trying to follow her, getting a couple of feet in the air. This afternoon they seem to have gone so the lessons must have been successful, the dog's not happy cos I won't leave the back door open for him but I'm frightened he'll see them and pounce.

What's the likelihood of them coming back to the garden, does anyone know?


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Great news rocky! If you have lawn, they will visit as a family and go for the worms, feeding them to the waiting chicks. They will also 'dig' at the moist side of buildings where insects mostly live.

The parents might come back to try for a second nest in a week or two. Are there other trees around you garden? There is also a good chance that the pair will come back next season.
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Thanks Wildwood, I'll get rid of the nest this weekend then, I can't have them coming back as the bush is on it's last leg. How long before the chicks can fly properly? it's gettng difficult to supervise the dog everytime he wants to go in the garden.
Probably a week or so.
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I think they've left the garden altogether now, there's no sign of them and I haven't seen mum or dad about at all.

Thanks for your help :)

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The Chicks Have Gone

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