Calling All Cat Owners!

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lankeela | 20:00 Thu 31st Jan 2013 | Animals & Nature
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The Alan Titchmarsh Show

Calling all cat owners! Does your cat love to hunt wildlife? Are you getting fed up of finding their ‘gifts’ in your house? Then Alan is looking for you! Please contact the show on [email protected]


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I hate it when my cats bring me presents, usually voles, I am dreading Spring, baby birds etc. Some people recommend a collar with a bell, but with my other long gone cats they never seemed to work.
Mine don't thankfully.
My much missed and adored previous cat learned from my objections and used to bring me great big leaves from trees. The bigger the better.
My cat once dragged a whole hare through the cat flap and left it, still warm, in the hallway . I went to get a drink, switched on light in hall and nearly had a bloody heart attack on seeing a whole hare 'asleep' on the carpet!
Our Cheeky once tried to drag a very alive pigeon through the cat flap. Didn't succeed because of the flapping wings!
Why does he want us to contact him then?
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Er - presumably to feature in an article on the programme?
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They are also looking for dads who dance like 'dads' at parties!

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Calling All Cat Owners!

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