Dog Mess outside my gate

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BionicDan | 00:26 Wed 21st Nov 2012 | Animals & Nature
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I have a problem with stupid filthy dog owners allowing their dogs to mess right outside my driveway gate... constantly. I can never seem to catch the filthy idiots! I've even got the environmental wardens onto the problem. They're patrolling here more regularly.

I'm unable to use chemicals suggested to me as the area fouled by the dogs/owners is a patch of the grass verge right outside my driveway gate. If I use chemicals as suggested, it'll kill of all the grass on that area.

Any advice for me? Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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Off my lawn (or a similar name - can't quite remember) is specifically for use on grass, so shouldn't kill it. You used to be able to get it from Homebase - I presume you still can.
the local environmental health should put those 'bad dog owner' pink signs up everywhere like they have here, very prominent and effective
Nothing benign will work BionicDan, I've tried (I think) all of them.

Lauching the deposit at the back of the caring owner might help.
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Thanks. I'll try Homebase. I do actually have the 'penalty for dog fouling'signs all the way up my street on the lamp posts... they're just ignored. Yes, if I discover the owner, after confronting thdm I'll be following them secretly to see where they live. Any mod instances from anyone it'll be getting lobbed at their windows in the middle of the night!
CCTV, show locally ?
don't lob it at their windows dan,you could possibly get arrested for assault! try returning deposits to their own garden,driveway or step. it came from their dog,return it to them.
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Living near asian shops becomes useful - a huge bag of the hottest chilli powder. You need to reapply after rain but one sniff of that and they won't feel like settling to poo. And it won't kill the grass.
But they aren't fouling the lamposts !

Best of luck. Stopping pets fouling is notoriously difficult. A small tent to hide in, and wearing a large heavy pair of boots to kick the arse of the owner, is probably the best bet.
I'm surprised you can't catch them, they tend to be creatures of habit (the owners I mean).
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• Yeah, I'll dump a load back in the owner's garden if I find out who it is... good idea, bunkmoreland.

• I've tried sprinkling Cayenne pepper over the area but that could end up costing a fortune... when would it end?

• Heavy boots, Old_Geezer? Yeah! A good arse-kicking is what I favour.

• Hi aeimpvw, well I would need to catch them in the first place in order to establish their habit-pattern.

Thanks all.

Any more input always greatly appreciated.

A 'motion' sensitive camera......?
It's the dog owners fault. Give it back to them!
we had a problem with our neighbour allowing their dog to foul on our doorstep. We used to pick it up and place it neatly on theirs! We put a variety of things down to curb the dog/s, nothing seemed to work. Not helpful, I understand, but I've had my rant now!
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• "shoota"
Yeah, but it's additional expense. Why should I have to be out of pocket.

• "cupid04"
Yep, I think that's the ultimate answer.

• "AlwaysConfused"
Too benign for me.

• "ruthann58"
Trouble is that I work from home and such a notice wouldn't look good.

so do i dan most of my customers laugh about it
cover area with thorny twigs & bramble
Are you 100% certain its dog poo? I get several local cats dumping on my front grass. I know its cats because my dogs dive in and try to eat it! I think the notice up for a while might get the message across, if it is dogs.
Ooooh if i ever found out who was doing it with their dog, i would watch out at approx what time its usually there....wait until they do it, collect it up, follow them home and put it through their letter box ......probably still steaming hot.... with a message " Here you go....this is yours"

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Dog Mess outside my gate

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