Do police horses like sausage rolls?

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plowter | 19:36 Thu 15th Nov 2012 | Animals & Nature
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Do police horses like sausage rolls? There's a man in Glasgow has been arrested for feeding sausage rolls to police horses.

Is that a bad thing?


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If it came from Gregg's then it comes under the Cruelty to Animals Act.
Obviously the Procurator Fiscal hasn't signed out the office sense of humour, but the "defendant" seems to have an issue, especially with what horses actually eat.
sorry but I have three horses - two of them stick to horsey things -the other has devoured of his own accord -sausage rolls - smoked salmon on crackers-mandarin oranges- salt and vinegar crisps - beer -red wine-prawns among other things. We used to let them in the garden when we had BBQ's and he would browse the buffet.....
To be fair, anything could have been added to the sausage rolls before being offered to the horses, basically a complete stranger coming up and feeding someone else's animals is always a No No in my books, and I certainly wouldn't appreciate someone doing it to mine!

Agree with plautus as well!
baldric -I think if anyone was going to give a mickey finn to a police horse they would probably disguise it in a carrot or apple -not a sausage roll lol!
Not exactly so: he was arrested for being a nuisance when spoken to (annoying a policeman does tend to have that consequence) or 'breach of the peace' or Public Order Act, or 'doing an act contrary to Orders for the good governance of the City of Glasgow' depending the officer's imagination and level of study.

Horses are vegetarian or ice creamarian or polo-arian, but not ones for eating meat, not that a Glaswegian sausage roll is likely to contain much of that. The expression 'green meat' used in reference to feeding horses, is not a reference to meat that's gone off, but to vegetable matter
Does Glasgow have fresh fruit and Veg?
I'll not hear a word said against greggs pasties...
fred -horses are very discriminating - they will not just eat anything - if the horse really ATE the sausage roll then he must of liked it. however, I would be livid if anyone gave anything to any of my animals without my permission so the fellow got what he deserved. -mine are deffo icecream-arian -they get a special free icecream cone from the icecream lady when we visit the forest -but they won't eat the chocolate flake...
sounds like it was a breach of the peace rather than the sausage rolls themselves. if the horses were 'on duty' then the coppers had every right to tell him to stop. sounds like he was being a prat.
Despite horses being vegetarians, they ingest heaps of animal protein by way of all the insects that is on the herbage they graze on. a sausage roll or two is not going to hurt them.

Sort of reading between the lines of the report, I suspect it is rather the manner with which the policeman told the guy not to feed the horse that started the trouble. Many cops are nice ordinary blokes, some are real toffee nosed prats, especially when they get on top of a horse.
Yes, magsmay, horses are ice-creamarian. I remember the old trainer Arthur "Fiddler" Goodwill sending a lad for a vanilla cone from a passing van in Newmarket. He was standing next to a box and proceeded to take one lick himself, then hand the cone to the colt so he could have a lick, and so on alternately until the cone was finished ("Fiddler" Goodwill because, as a new apprentice jockey , he arrived at the yard with a violin case. Someone asked "Do you play the violin then, Arthur?" and got the reply "No", followed by Fiddler opening the case, which contained only a clean shirt, pants, and socks!)

Sausage roll is novel but smoking isn't. Well, the Irish trainer whose hurdler was placed but disqualified when nicotine was found in the sample, thought so. On the next run over hurdles it won, prompting the trainer to say "Sure, I knew once we got him off the fags, he'd be all right!"
Was there not a case back some years when a football supporter told a mounted policeman that his horse was gay, and was promptly arrested for causing alarm and harassment to the poor cop?
In 2006, an Oxford University student asked a mounted police officer if he realised his horse was "gay" during a night out with friends after his final exams. He was arrested for making homophobic remarks after he refused to pay an £80 fine and spent a night in a police cell before charges were dropped.
You couldn't get B&B in Oxford for £80. \that guy was in effect £160 in profit. Hope he got a first!
///Horses are vegetarian or ice creamarian or polo-arian///

Agreed, Fred, but they are also generally peardrop-arian as well. I was once knocked over and trampled on by three ponies trying to get at my coat pocket that had had a bag of peardrops in earlier in the day. Funny now, but actually quite scary at the time
Not sure but they like polo mints (others are available). When I was young we went to Wembley (the real one) for a sporting event. My dad was speaking to a policeman on horseback and the horse kept trying to get into my coat pocket, it transpired that said horse liked a polo on this bit and would suck it, the guy said it seemed to calm it down, so I gave him several, the horse happily sucked away and left me alone.
He was arrested because he "adopted an aggressive stance" towards the officers in charge of the horses when told to put the sausage rolls away.
Couldn't he be charged with incitement to cannibalism?
Was it deep-fried (not the horse)

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Do police horses like sausage rolls?

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