Liam Gallagher & his dogs

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ClareA | 00:14 Sat 06th Oct 2012 | Animals & Nature
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Not a question, more a comment.
Today I read in the Times the following quote from the erstwhile lead 'singer' of Oasis.

'I like winding me [sic] dogs up. I shake the lead saying "Walkies" until they're s****ing and peeing all over the floor. I shake the lead saying "Walkies" and then sit back down again.'.

Does anyone else think this man's animals should be forcibly taken from him?

Admittedly, the Times journalist, Caitlin Moran, who runs a (very amusing)column in Friday Times 2 said that a good counter to that would be to have Gallagher shaking a lead similarly in front of Oasis fans saying that the band was going to re-form, (thus making light of it), but I was appalled to hear of Gallagher's treatment of his dogs in this way.

Talk about psychological torture. The poor beasts hanging on to their bodily functions in anticipation of going out, until they can hold on no more.
It's not anthropomorphism to say that a house trained animal will feel humiliation at having to soil a space they've previously been taught not to.


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It's certainly not funny - but I hope it's him who has to clean up after his poor pets - I can't imagine that he'd have pulled this trick more than once. I hope he gets the criticism he deserves over this stupid comment.

This is Liam Gallagher and he says things to get attention and provoke the media, i'm sure his dogs are treated well.
Sounds really awful - but then again so is he.
He certainly does things like this, it says elsewhere that he's a noted dog-lover. I'm expecting this to be a wind-up http://www.clashmusic...her-helps-dog-charity
I doubt he cleans it up, he'll have some minion to do it. Vile man. I hope the animal charities leap on him from a great height for his stupid remarks. If he thinks that's funny and any way to treat an animal then he's just shown himself up for the idiot he is. Poor animals being stuck with a moron like him for an owner who is supposed to take care of them.
Yep - just publicity.
Put him in a kitchen, tie him up for hours and turn the taps full on and see what he does ............ horrid cruel man.
I expect this a headline-grabbing comment.
If he really and consistently treats his dogs this way eventually they will indicate their dislike of it to him.
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I do hope those posters who think that it's the idiot's usual publicity-seeking posturing are right! I was distressed to think that animals were being treated like that.
Just read your link boxy in which case he should know better. An animal lover doesn't treat his animals as the OP has reported.
If he consistently really does treat his dogs like that I hope they're taken off him although I hesitate to say that with every dog rescue in the country being full to bursting.
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IMHO he's a talentless git anyway.
But that's no longer about his treatment of pets,is it?!
he is a complete moron....then opens his mouth and removes absolutely every doubt you may have. it makes me sick to think that such a prick like that has had all the perks in life that he has had.
I always thought that the idiot needs a good kicking.
I have sometimes heard that he is completely unable to swim. Is this rumour correct and if so would that be sufficient punishment for his misdeeds?

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Liam Gallagher & his dogs

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