How can I change a sleeping pattern of Kittens

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josaphine32 | 17:19 Fri 24th Aug 2012 | Animals & Nature
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I got two Bengal x kittens for my 40th, they are so beautifull, and because of the highly strung breed I went for crosses instead of pure bread, we have had them 13 days now, and they are so good apart from sleeping, they wake at 4am (well he wakes at 4am) and then wakes the female up, they are then killing each other for hours or relaying around the bedroom running over your head and running up curtains, till.......... waite for it 2pm the following day, after 7 hours of that they crash and sleep from 2 till 8, (you cant wake them) We have tried removing toys at night, Last night was the first night we removed them from my daughters bedroom, they had to go in a rather large bathroom with food and litter tray but none of us can get any sleep, It sounds as though you have 2 steam engines running at full speed through the house,

has anyone got any tips on how to change there sleeping pattern,

We did know what we were letting ourselves into and yes we can cope with the non sleeping but anyone know away to change the sleeping pattern....

ps they dont go to bed till 11.50ish


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They sound gorgeous. Is the room they sleep in completely dark? Maybe they`re waking because of light. My Mum`s cat doesn`t get up so early when the weather`s dark and gloomy. Cat`s are notoriously routine driven though. Good luck.
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thanks 237 But no, Kates bedroom is darker than hell, We have Black out blinds, and as her bedroom is chocolate, curtains are so dark as well. thanks though
blimey, in my experience of owning cats they sleep for about 23 hrs 50 minutes a day, waking up only for snacks! Poor you
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Ps..... they are now 13 weeks old
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Bednobs, I know you have a newborn baby, congrats, may be I should have had a baby it may have been easier, but not at 40...... lol
They are babies and will do what babies do. I am afraid that patience till they grow up is the only answer.
thanks josephine. i am nearly 40 by the way :)
at 13 weeks, this is entirely normal! most kittens do a grand prix round the house at silly am and continue until they drop. if you are not awake, then they think you should be. as they get older, they will calm, particularly when 'done' as well. until then, you will have to put up with youthful exuberance...and give them their toys back....or they will use other stuff in your house!!! x
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Lcg..... I was not beeing too mean only between 4am and 6am, but he ( I know it is leo ) dug the carpet up last night, Little love. X
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Toys restored tonight between 4 and 6 am
My two were 18 months old when they arrived here, they used to race around the house at night - racing over me when I was lying in my bed. Come silly o'clock Frankie would wake me up by evil cat methods whilst his sister would stomp around the bed - over me.

They are 7 years now and have calmed down a bit - but I still get wakened at some stupid hour of the morning or I will wake up naturally and open my eyes only to find Frankie's face two mm from mine.

In some ways I envy you for having babies - but I don't think that I could cope. It's like having toddlers, toddlers who bite and destroy walls and carpets. I think that I may trade mine in for a dog.

I saw this and thought of you
Erm.... Sorry but I for one am going to need proof that you actually own this pair! [please please please please]

Lisa xxx
Josaphine, this is entirely normal, and it's the way my grown-up cats behave (although at 5 kg each they can no longer sprint up curtains!) They all go to bed at around 11pm then wake at 2 am and go out, coming in again for breakfast. Night time is cat time, after all.... the day's for sleeping. Yours are still tiny, they're enjoying themselves!
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Here you go Lisa. x

Funny that they are sleeping in these photos.
they are very very cute
Just seen the Pics, they're lovely
Good job you didn't go for pure bread,
they would have cost a lot of dough!
Want want want! They are stunning and you are so very lucky. Sod the noise.... and set up the video camera!

:0( I'm no help am I....

Lisa x
They are beautiful little kittens.

As for the behaviour problem, have you tried a Feliway plug in diffuser?
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At the moment no I haven't, We haven't got a problem with them as in attacking and aggression, they like our other cats they both use the litter tray with no problems or accidents, they seem happy not distressed, but they have both been asleep since 11am today and they both are about to rise from there tombs, they then will play constantly until 12am then nod off till 4am then awake till 11am tomorrow and sleep all day long, when they finally asleep they are dead kittens all day, a bomb wont wake them you can pick them up and they are putty in your hands, they wont wake!!!
do you think would a feliway help do you think? I know they are young and need to burn off energy, but I just want them to do it during the day not at

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