How can I change a sleeping pattern of Kittens

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josaphine32 | 17:19 Fri 24th Aug 2012 | Animals & Nature
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I got two Bengal x kittens for my 40th, they are so beautifull, and because of the highly strung breed I went for crosses instead of pure bread, we have had them 13 days now, and they are so good apart from sleeping, they wake at 4am (well he wakes at 4am) and then wakes the female up, they are then killing each other for hours or relaying around the bedroom running over your head and running up curtains, till.......... waite for it 2pm the following day, after 7 hours of that they crash and sleep from 2 till 8, (you cant wake them) We have tried removing toys at night, Last night was the first night we removed them from my daughters bedroom, they had to go in a rather large bathroom with food and litter tray but none of us can get any sleep, It sounds as though you have 2 steam engines running at full speed through the house,

has anyone got any tips on how to change there sleeping pattern,

We did know what we were letting ourselves into and yes we can cope with the non sleeping but anyone know away to change the sleeping pattern....

ps they dont go to bed till 11.50ish


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I would think it is worth trying one, they are for the general calming of cats (according to my old vet) as well as for controlling aggression.

I used to have cats that did exactly the same thing as yours, in the middle of the night we would hear them chasing each other up and down stairs, sometimes for what seemed like several hours. They grew out of it eventually.

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How can I change a sleeping pattern of Kittens

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