Cats have started to get on worktops etc....

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Smowball | 15:42 Fri 03rd Aug 2012 | Animals & Nature
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For some strange reason my 2 cats have suddenly started to get up on tops of worktops, dining table, and sideboard etc - infact anything above waist level. I normally find them wherever they are when I come downstairs in the morning, and its driving me mad as firstly, it is unhygenic in the kitchen, and secondly they are leaving hair everywhere - one cat is v long haired. Any idea why they would have started to do this, and how on earth can I stop it. After 6 years it is unlike them. I found on on top of the wine chiller this morning!


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Try putting them outside at night smow.
No, don't put them out at night (unless of course you're really really annoyed). They are more likely to be killed at night than any other time.
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I would but lock on catflap is broken and so cant do that . Anyway, they are doing it in the day as well - found one on the dining table this morning. Maybe they need concrete wellies : )
Nooooo, cats should not be put out at night, they c**p all over other peoples gardens etc.

If us dog owners did that, there would be an uproar.... If people can't keep their animals in and look after them, then they shouldn't own them... Just my opinion but then again I'm not a cat lover, as you may be able to tell.
Normally I would try and help you but I am feeling most unwell today so will try and direct you towards help

Something has changed for them - try and think what it may be.

I found one of mine in the fridge one day ?
Probably just chillin' out, wolfie. Hope you're feeling better soon. x
Smow you got a long-haired cat so you can't be surprised you're getting hair everywhere. Could you not just shut the kitchen door or confine them to one room for the night, with appropriate litter tray and water etc? As to the rest of the time I don't know unless you kick them out all day. This all goes with the territory as they say, I'm afraid.
I think wolfie's right, Smow, cats are creatures of habit and don't generally change their behaviour without reason. Why would they suddenly want to be high up? Have you maybe got a new hoover or something? Have you had a crawling baby visiting? Just wondering why they would want to be up off the floor.
Sticky tape along the worktops for a while to deter them? Citrusy sprays or polish etc??

Not sure as im not a cat owner even though i do like kitties xx
Kiki, I think you've nailed it!! Smow, didn't your son visit with his child a few weeks ago?

It's either that or you've got mice and they're scared.
Shut the kitchen door, problem solved.
alba, that sounds like it could be it (alba & kiki, pet detectives!). A small child crawling around on the floor might have made them decide that it's much safer being on the worktops. In which case they'll probably return to their old routine in time. Especially if you could put something like olbas oil or eucalyptus on the work surface - anything they don't like the smell of should do the trick.
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Well baby wasnt on the floor, she is too young to crawl. Nope dont have mice - if we did they would proudly catch them and leave them in the hallway! Maybe another cat is coming in at night. Or a fox! lol
I know the baby is too young to crawl, but son and family live 200 miles away, so it's not as if they drop in on a daily basis and a scent has upset/reminded them of a young arrival?

Ohmegosh, Kiki, the world doesn't deserve us :-D
My cats do the most random of things for no particular reason unfortunately. That's what makes them cats! lol !! I guess a quick squirt from a water spray if you catch them may deter them cat's don't like it but it won't hurt them either..... doesn't anyone else think it ironic that the only person to post on here who doesn't like cats is called 'kat' !!! lol !
I was thinking the very same thing Athley !!
my cats used to do it, climb high on anything they's a matter of
putting something there that they don't like.

My daughters two day she was worried couldn't find one and they are big cats (breed), we looked everywhere, in things, under things, cellar.
Eventually looked up at the ceiling,as you would!, and there on top, and I mean top of kitchen cupboards, about a six inch gap, high ceilings, there with head hanging
over the edge..said cat, watching the proceedings! How he got there, no idea
nothing to jump on to that became his fav place to go!!
chi-chi - cats have powers of levitation. It's true - mine does it all the time. But only when I'm not looking.
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lol chi-chi
Are you sure they haven't got a flea problem smow? My cat started to do this when she had them and it was really bothering her. She started climbing up and sleeping on the kitchen chairs (rather than sofa, bed, carpet) I think to keep her skin cool.

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Cats have started to get on worktops etc....

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