Strange dog behaviour

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hammerman | 06:06 Thu 26th Jul 2012 | Animals & Nature
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9 year old English springer, He's had a real strange night. Usually he just falls asleep like any dog but last night he just wouldn't settle. He was panting quite heavily...possibly due to the hot weather but last night was different.

He refused to lie down even when virtually shouted at. He keeps running to the garden (all doors are wide open), turning round and then running back, then he'll just stand in the middle of the room starring at you with his head down and tail firmly between his legs. He's also been crying and scratching at the front door mat.

He's just standing there now looking at me as if i should be doing something. He's not eaten his dinner and he's literally not sat or laid down all night.

This happened a few months ago and it lasted a few days. It's almost like he's been seriously spooked by something despite him being a very happy, confident dog.

Any suggestions ?


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Maybe he has found or smelled a rat or a hedgehog etc in the garden?
Has he got enough to drink? Perhaps he's dehydrated, trying to find water.
Is there a bitch in season near by?

Lisa x
does he maybe want you to follow him into the garden ?- maybe he's found something like an injured or very young animal. If he isn't castrated, maybe a bitch on heat.
Get his nuts removed!!!
Question Author
He's been gonad-less since he was 6 months and always has plenty of water.

Ive had a good look round the garden and can't find anything, ive hosed him down with cold water and he's still like it.

One thing ive know that smell you get when you walk into a vets, well i can smell that in our house when i walk in. Would he behave like this if, for example, his anal glands needed emptying ?

He just won't settle and it almost like he's gone mental !!!! he just stares at me and looks vacant.
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Sounds as if he's haunted...
Why don't you just take him to the vet, poor thing obviously needs help .....
Would a trip to the vet be in order for them to ascertain what could be wrong? Poor dog...seems so distracted and what with the heat it cannot be helping at all. (thyroid problems?)
Have you checked his ears?
My first two thoughts would be - anal glands (but is he bum sliding over the floor) or he's lost the plot. My last dog went senile and some nights he couldn't settle and used to wander around, but he was 12/13 years old at the time.

Maybe he is reluctant to lie down due to some discomfort.

It is so hard to pin down what is wrong with out four legged friends. But the vets can interpret body language (the dogs and not yours) better than we can.

Let us know how you get on - what's your dog's name?
Castration does not always stop the urge to mate. I have a two castrated males that still go mad when one of my bitches is in season.

Lisa x

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Strange dog behaviour

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