Red Kite over Huntingdonshire

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harley_Husky | 12:45 Tue 03rd Jul 2012 | Animals & Nature
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I'm genuinely excited .. we have six over our village and i have been putting a minute amount of meat out for them ( i know before you start about dependancy etc ... pfft ) to no avail - until today,just now,she flies over the garden ' whistling ' - i whistle back - she circles, flaps and dives for the meat ! I'm so excited that i could ' burst like a bally balloon ! '


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Beautiful birds :-)
One of natures cleansing departments, especially in medieval times, it fed in the streets of London (where it was given special protection for its useful role in cleansing the streets).
I can imagine how thrilled you are, I've never seen one, let alone have one come to the garden! :-)
Brilliant - not surprised you are so excited.

We just occasionally have one over my North Warwickshire village - a magnificent sight.
Brilliant Harley, well done you. I too would be fit to burst if they would feed in my garden. Fantastic birds - they'll be so interested in you as much as you are in them.
Oh Wow! I am so envious. What a thrill for you.
I sometimes drive down from the Midlands to London via the M40.

It is very common to see dozens, maybe 30 or 40 of them, flying around the motorway, High Wycombe area I think (Junctions 5 and 6).

More here

Those are well known VHG, but attracting one you can exchange whistles with in your garden is on another scale really isn't it? It sort of gets personal. Harley will be thinking it's 'his' RK and I don't blame him.
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lol - is there a way i can ' Best Answer " you all !!

Just as i was typing this someminutes ago she circled and swooped down again. I know this sounds crazy but she clearly responds to my whistling calls ... i'm not like Doctor Doolittle or such lol !
I'm not at all surprised she's doing that Harley. I know they do respond to humans by my own experience. They are very curious as to what's going on below them. How wonderful. Pictures now please:-)
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I'm no David Bailey - but i'll see what i can do !

Apologies for the over 'exclamations but i'm genuinely excited :0)
I too live in Huntingdonshire. I see several kestrels regularly around our village. You are very fortunate to se the red kites.
You lucky thing
"I'm so excited that i could ' burst like a bally balloon" that made me LOL - I imagined it as spoken by Hugh Laurie in Blackadder Goes Forth.
I'm always amazed when I drive through that bit of the M40 how many red kites I can spot.
Truly beautiful creatures. I can understand how chuffed you feel. We've got a couple of breeding pairs where I work in Wilts. It's only a few years ago that they were on the point of dying out in Britain, so it's great that there are so many of them now.
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lol @ answerprancer - Steady on now George !
We now just need red sqirrels and red deer to complete the picture. The grey squirrels are just vermin and some say should be eradicated.
I would be excited as well! I've never seen them in the wild although there are some fairly near to me (they know when I'm coming and hide I think!). They are beautiful creatures, lucky you.
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Not sure if this works with kites but have you tried to throw the meat up in the air when they 'come'?

I am jealous too.

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Red Kite over Huntingdonshire

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