Lifespan of Labrador

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SMP | 20:37 Tue 19th Jun 2012 | Animals & Nature
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I am thinking of adopting a police labrador that is retiring. He is 10 years old. How long do Labs live for and do they suffer from any particular ailments as they get older. Have had many rescue dogs but never a Lab.



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My Lab/German shepherd cross was 14 when he died. He was put to sleep due to a tumour but he was blind, deaf and arthritic. At least you know that the dog has been well cared for. It's a pity the current handler can't keep the dog - I would imagine that moving home at 10 year old would be a bit of an upset.

Good luck
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Thanks wolf63. Yes it's a shame the dog has to be rehomed but apparently the handler is training 2 other dogs and doesn't feel he is giving enough time to this one.
a bit of an upset is an understatement , poor dog
meant to say lost 1 of our labs at 10 and the other at 11
My mother had 4 labs at different times and none survived longer than 11. Three had some level of arthritis.

They are such adorable dogs though. It seems a bit cruel to rehome it at that age so it will need lots of TLC.
with due respect - if the police are sanctioning the re-homing of one of their highly trained labs - haven't they given you any guide lines? - Having said that - most dog breeds have their specific problems and ten year old dogs are likely going to experience typical ageing problems so I suggest you begin with researching reputable labrador sites and general health issues with older dogs. Great that you are doing this SMP and I'm in no way being negative - just practical. Good on ya!

If the police were willing to meet the cost of any future veterinary treatment it may help your decision. I feel for the dog - most police officers get a good pension and retirement at an early enough age for them to enjoy their retirement.
If it is a slim, working dog then it might make 14. Preventative treatment for lung worm and heartworm is important labs, they cannot resist them when they are older. Labradors are usually the best of dogs and a pleasure to have in the home.
Keeping its weight down will help with any joint problems, and regular exercise as it will have been used to that. I would say 11 - 12 years is a good age for a Lab sized dog. You can get supplements to put in the food to help with joint problems or magnetic collars to ease any pain or stiffness. Don't forget Labs tend to be greedy (as opposed to hungry!) and will eat most things in sight so don't be fooled into overfeeding.
I do hope that you adopt this dog and give it a loving home, this is what this faithful dof deserves and at least it will be obedient.
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Thanks everyone. The dog is on a rehoming site. Haven't contacted them yet. I thought the lifespan wasn't as long a some other dogs. Our dogs were 16 when they went, a lurcher and a greyhound. Also had GSD's, Jack Russell, Red Setter, Shelties, Heinz 57. (Used to work in a vet so any waif and stray that was bought in lol). Will give it some more thought. Lost our last dog in Feb so feel house is empty without one.
Agree with Dee Sa.
Well three of my previous labradors have lived to over 15, and I've found in all of them that their hind end goes first, which makes it difficult for them to jump in the car etc - you do have to keep them as slim as possible to help the joints.
Could I just add.....

Taking on an older dog is such a wonderful thing to do, if you are aware that he may not be with you for long and can deal with the loss so soon after losing your last dog, then go for it!
I agree with Wolf though, are there funds in place for health care?

I wish I had the 'bottle' to take on older rescues and I will when I'm older if that makes sense, but for now I take them on as young as I can.

Lisa x
Somewhere between 13 and 15 is average. The main problem is their back legs go and its just not right to keep them going in this pain. Mine was on tramadol for 6 months to help ease his pain but not as active and just lay down most of the day.

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Lifespan of Labrador

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