What do you buy the cat who has everything?

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wolf63 | 16:13 Thu 22nd Mar 2012 | Animals & Nature
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My two feline thugs are seven this year - 29 June if my brother happens to be reading and needs to know when to send a present.

Do you think that they would like one of these to play with?


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My cat doesn't play with toys.
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Frankie is prone to shredding toilet rolls. :-(
Nothing. You take their mummy out to buy stuff for herself :-)
If we got them that , they would definitely play .... with the box it came in
PS Mittens is back to normal ;)
Love it! My cat almost hit the decks last night as he tripped me up when I was ironing. The iron fell off the ironing board (narrowly missing him) onto the floor and burnt a hole in my lounge carpet! Needless to say he was not flavour of the month, but at least he was unhurt (wouldn't have liked to explain what had happened if I'd had to make a trip to the vet !)
lardhelmet, my cat jumped on to the ironing board and knocked the iron straight off on to the i know where you are coming from, I personally think the best cat toy ever is a large strong card board box with alot of adult imagination and loads of cut outs, a few hanging toys on elastic, with a dangling feather boa, my ziggy loves it, but he does like to revamp the cut outs with his teeth and gob the cardboard all round the house
DJ Kitty :o)

I've got one of those cat activity centres for Tiggs & Blue. They never play with the balls and only sleep in the round thing that looks like a mini tennis racket.
I'll mention it to the kids and see if they are feeling generous Maybe they will make them a card at school or nursery.
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Andrew - you can't kill or shred a card. ;-)

Where did you get the last toys - the scratching boards? One is used to clean paws on after using the facilities - and the other is used with great enthusiasm as a claw conditioning station.
Big cardboard box def unless you are Maru who likes small ones
OMG - mine would wreck that (the parrot next door would love it, though).

I'm going to tie dusters to my catz' tails, they can clear up their own fluff as they go.

Rover accidentally put his foot in a glass of good red wine the other day when he fell off the edge of the sofa - OH was not impressed.
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Merlin is a lady and prefers bags to boxes but Frankie loves boxes. I had to break one down last week and he sat and watched me - I thought that he was going to cry.
My late female cat liked those fancy carrier type gift bags sparkly if possible but I learned to remove the cord handles after she nearly throttled herself
We bought our boy one of those hamster balls - a clear plastic sphere with a clockwork hamster in it. We thought he'd love it, but he's scared of it.
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kiki - Princess Merlin (also known as Slasher) doesn't play with anything but Frankie got a hamster ball and he isn't too keen on it either.

Strange animals.
Amazon, I think.
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bigbadmarty - I am glad that Mittens is feeling better. Cats like routine and it seems strange when they change theirs. If Frankie doesn't pester me for food about once every five minutes I usually suspect that he is unwell. :-)

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What do you buy the cat who has everything?

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