What are these horrid little bugs?

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EvianBaby | 14:13 Thu 08th Mar 2012 | Animals & Nature
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I keep finding these little bugs in the office.

They're only about 2mm in length, brown with what seems to be like a speckled back and they have wings that they seem to tuck into their little oval shaped back.

There's a lot of wood in here (and the main structure). Wonder if it could be something to do with that.

Any clues?


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Not a species of ladybird then ?
Take a picture and post it up.
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You know I actually wondered as they do resemble ladybirds but a fair bit smaller and and darker. But there also seems to be too many of them.
furniture beetle is a form of wood worm I think
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Doesn't look like a furniture beetle.

I was going to take a pic but I accidently flicked this one off the piece of paper it was crawling on. I'll see if I can find another.
sounds like flour beetles

They live on carbohydrate generally and are usually found in kitchens. I accidentally infested my kitchen by bringing in infested wild bird food. Do people eat in your office or bring biscuits in? Once in the room they can live on very small amounts of food and are a b to get rid off. Do you have a maintenance department or any kind of health support? The same folk you would go to if you had mice?
To get rid you remove all food sources and chuck them and clean like a demon, then clean again. Any food stores need to be kept in airtight containers or preferably else where and if folk eat in the office then they have to be obsessive about not dropping crumbs...better to ban eating in the office for at least a month to starve the hatchlings which there will be.
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Ah! The link you posted Rowan, they look like the ones on the top line, 4th and 5th pic in.
very common good thing is they are fairly easy to kill with spray insecticides
I used to find worms on my desk so one or ing I climbed up on the desk and pushed up the false ceiling to have a look and there were mr and mrs barn owl staring at me. The worms were a result of all the mice and critters a they had taken there to feed their babies
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Aaaahhh Brinjal, I would love to find owls. You never know we have had a nest of bats before and get a twice annual wasp nest in the roof. The odd thing is there is pretty much no fabric at all in our office. The floor is just lino and the walls are a mixture of wood and brick/plaster.
We had owls on here recently.....
Eww no idea , but i'd be getting the fly spray out lol x
As I have these I knew immediately they were carpet beetles. I have a bad infestation at home and the larvae have eaten the pile in my wool carpets in several rooms in the house without me noticing them. The beetles are now appearing on my windowsills.
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It's odd when you come on here and a question you asked a while ago is in recent posts. Would probably never see these answers otherwise.

Having looked at all the links they are definitely not ladybirds, I'm sure they are the carpet Beatles. They look exactly the same. Although I haven't noticed any larvae I have seen the bugs on the window sil. I usually find one or two crawling around m desk most days, or my arm. Aahhhhh!

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What are these horrid little bugs?

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