The three bears (daddy bear is at work) :-)

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wolf63 | 19:02 Sat 03rd Mar 2012 | Animals & Nature
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I saw this article in the Daily Mail this morning. Baby bear seems to have been naughty and getting on mummy bears nerves. She sorted him out.




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Wow!! Good discipline.
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He looks terrified when he is standing in the corner.
this has already been posted in the Discipline section...

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jno - I looked in Animals and Nature and Chatterbank, never thought that it would be in News. It is usually terribly serious down in News and they tend to get a bit angry about stuff. Might go and have a look see.
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They were terribly serious in News ! LOL.
Parents everywhere will empathise with mother bear. The father animals have no idea. When the sire here snapped at one of his pups the little thing ran screaming to a corner, whereupon its mum (and all the other bitches) hurried to console it, licking its face and fussing over it. The funny part was they all looked at dad and gave him a dirty look. His body language read "Me ? What have I done ?"
Who'd be a dad?
Same thing in the human world........mother has to discipline whilst dad stands away pretending not to know whats going on!!!! mother gets the hugs though.

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The three bears (daddy bear is at work) :-)

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