Care for stray(ish) cat?

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mizfiesta | 16:11 Fri 17th Feb 2012 | Animals & Nature
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I'm adopting a cat today. It's only around a year old and she's a lovely timid wee thing. My sister stayed next to her previous owner a few months ago before moving away and said the cat spent most of the time in my sisters house that at the owners house. The owner had several cats and they were basically left outside a lot and my sister said the females just got pregnant over and over again, so obviously hadn't been dressed either. My sister asked the owner for the cat at the time as she took a real shine to it but the owner wouldn't do it. I think they had a bit of a bicker as my sister had concerns the wee cat was being overlooked - I hesitate to use the word neglected. Anyhoo the owner has been in touch with my sister to offer her the cat as she's now moving away and doesn't want to take all of the cats with her. My sister now already has a cat of her own so has asked me to take it in to which I've agreed. I obviously will need to address the cats health first with regard to worming, de fleaing and spaying. I obviously would have to get a vet to spay but I'm hoping to carry out the rest of the treatments myself to save some money. Advice appreciated.


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Your vet is your best source of information - my surgery has leaflets all over the waiting room as well.

Try this site and see if it gives you any ideas. If it is just you and the cat you 'should' bond quickly.

Good luck
miz I buy my worming pills from the vet as they are better than supermarket ones, I've never try any off the internet so cant help there.
My cat gets a flea injection from vet every 6 months (£35 ish) its not cheap but better than a house full of fleas.
Microchip her, some vet do it at the same time as spaying.
Keep her in doors till she is used to you and your house.
Have loads of toys for her as a bored cat will cause damage.
Enjoy her she will become your baby ha ha..
I've never 'tried' any off the internet.
Good for you miz, our Rover was a straying cat and our late little girl Fizzy was "left" by people who moved from up the road.
1 get a vet check, to make sure she's OK
2 buy good Flea treatment - we use Stronghold, monthly
3 book her in for spaying - she's old enough - and do get her microchipped. The only reason we got our Rover back when he went missing was because of his microchip
4 don't get a collar, the chip is enough, and a collar is a dangerous thing for a young cat who climbs and jumps.
5 enjoy your new friend!
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I'm sorry if this sounds silly but if she has got fleas or worms just now (prob won't get her to the vet till monday now) will it do me any harm? Also she's been an 'outside' cat up to now - would it be cruel to have her stay indoors from now on?
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Would Drontal and Frontline cover all the conditions we've discussed here?
We've always went with Stronghold with our 3 cats, Frontline is generally the weakest in terms of efficacy, IMHO, and never, never had a flea in our house, all our cats being outside whenever possible for them.
NO NO NO NOT FRONTLINE. Waste of money.
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So best to go with Drontal and Stronghold? That would take care of all the nasties then it's just the vet for spaying? Sorry I'm full of Q's!
I use advocat on my fella and think it's brilliant but I know it doesn't suit all cats.

I personally don't agree with keeping cats indoors unless they have some sort of disability or illness that requires. All my cats have been able to access the great out-doors as I don't think it's natural for cats to be kept indoors. However I know other people prefer to keep their cats indoors for safety reasons. I think in your case your cat is used to gong outside and this should probably continue but only after about a month of being indoors and getting to know that your place is 'home'.
As China says, Advocate just about kills everything but it's a bit more expensive than Stronghold but if you can afford it, go for it.
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Would I still need the Drontal alongside the Advocate?
Only once a year apparently. I asked at my vet practice about whether Eric needed worming as well as the advocat and the lady told me just the once. I'll probably do it next month as a precaution.
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Are Drontal and Stronghold easy to administor? I guess Stronghold will be a dropper to the back of the neck and Drontal may be a tablet?
Drontal's a tablet as far as I am aware. Dunno about stronghold but advocat is put on the back of the neck.



^^^ Might be helpful, I got lots of good advice :c)
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Thanks so much China, lots of info there. You have all been so generous in your replies, thankyou. This site rocks ...(is it weird that I'm 41 years of age and I've just uttered/typed those words?!) :)
Stronghold is back of the neck as well. You do realize you have to get these through the vet don't you? Spaying is urgent though, you don't want half a dozen cats. Bless you for taking her on, sounds as if the poor thing needs someone to take care of her.

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