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wolf63 | 22:32 Sun 05th Feb 2012 | Animals & Nature
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It is Sunday and there is no snow here in Perth. Kitties are superglued to the radiator in my bedroom and I am going to try and get a good sleep as I work on a Monday afternoon - it is he only shift that I do at present. Taking Frankie to the vet on Tuesday for a steroid jag - should be 'fun.

Enjoy this cartoon. ;-)


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Mine used to develop the classic velcro paws if you tried to move them from a warm spot
A steroid Jag ! Won't Frankie find that a bit too fast,I 'd get him something less powerful as a first car.
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Eddie - Frankie is the typical bloke he wants all the latest boys' toys.

He has been hiding from me this morning - very suspicious.
He's logging in and seeing what you post....
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Could be as he not only has his own AB account but he has a FB account and a blog. Busy boy.
That is what happens when you give those kitties too much freedom...
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It is weird how Frankie is pretty intelligent (cunning and evil and loads of other negative words spring to mind) but his sister (littermate) is just so very very stupid.

Come to think of it my brother and I are totally different too. He is clever and knows loads - but he is a grump and doesn't speak cat. He lives in Engerlund too - far, far away.

I suppose I had better toddle off to Oxfam for the afternoon. I do the accounts for the shop - given how screwed up my brain is with Lithium that is a scary thought.

We must 'meet' on FB Rowan. My brother refused to be my friend on FB - nasty boy!

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