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linedancer16 | 22:39 Fri 27th Jan 2012 | Animals & Nature
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Can anyone help? I need help tracing the owner of a stray dog I found today. Its an old (over ten) crossbreed, female named Jess. The vet checked the chip but the details are out of date. It used to live at the White Gate pub, Mirfield, West Yorks and the owners name was Humm. I found it in Mirfield so the owners must live somewhere in the area. No-one of that name in phone book and dog warden finished for the weekend. Thanks!


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BBC local radio stations will often put out appeals such as yours. Phone BBC Radio Leeds on 0113 244 2131 or email [email protected]
(I'd prefer to phone them tomorrow morning. Direct personal appeals are more likely to put on air than something received in an email).

I assume that you've tried asking the current publican if he/she has any contact details for the people who used to live there. (If not, phone 01924 495618).

There's a Lorraine D Humm listed in the current electoral roll for Mirfield but it's a premium listing on (meaning that you have to pay for membership). Perhaps someone on here, who's already a member, might be prepared to use up one of their credits to help you?

I found this number for the pub too.

The White Gate
Leeds Road
Mirfield pubs
WF140DB (see map)

+44(0)1924 481081
You can put found dogs on DogLost, as this is where a lot of people will look if they have lost a dog. I will put details on my local group.
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Thanks both of you! Nobody at the pub knew the name or recognised the dogs description but if it was chipped as a puppy the details could be well before anyone working there now would know. They are going to try and find out for me who the former landlords were. I'll ring Radio Leeds -thats a good idea. I'll try and get the details of Lorraine D Humm- that sounds the best bet. Thanks again, Chris, that was very useful.
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Thanks Lankeela- thats some thing else I will do!
Maybe the owners have moved out of that area and the dog has wandered back looking for it's old home, poor thing.
Doesn't anyone at the pub know where they went?
oh sorry, posts crossed.
There is also a commercial radio station in Leeds. Magic828.Co.Uk is their web address. They are good on the appeals front. Good Luck
Good luck tomorrow linedancer, do let us know the outcome won't you?
Have you reported it to the local police? Although they are no longer responsible for strays, it is where most people contact if they lose a dog. Also put some posters up around where you found it.

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