A small victory

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B00 | 20:30 Fri 20th Jan 2012 | Animals & Nature
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after causing an almighty row on my local area's FaceBook page over some silly girls attempt to get rid of her 10 week old puppy as she hasn't the "time or patience" to look after it anymore, I've managed to get the admins of the place to put in a No Pets clause on the site.

Not sure if anyone else uses these kind of places? But it makes heart breaking reading to see folk so readily discarding of dogs, cats, rabbits, etc to just about anyone who shows a smidgen of interest in them.

If you do use these kind of sites, could I also urge you guys to do the same? Badger the admins of the place to put the same kind of "no pets" thing on their pages? Thanks.


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good point Boo and very practical. Am not a fan of bunny huggers but this is a good back up to the big charities and their publicity 'an animal is for life' programme.
Don't think I've seen these sites B00 but what a horrid girl. People like this make me so angry.
Don't even get me started!!!!!!!!!!!
The really sad bit is, the pups are still out there being mistreated :-( but I agree about getting such places to have a no pet ads rule.
I don't understand love? Surely if this girl can't look after her animal then it's good that someone else takes it from her who can give the pet a good home so it's good to have a place that she can advertise this... Or have I completely missed the point here? (Wouldn't be hard obviously!)
China the people who scan these giveaways are often backyard breeders looking for breeding stock, sellers on who will put the pup with others and flog them to anyone and dog fighters who want bait dogs. People who want to rehome their dogs should go to rescue organisations.
Oh I see, thanks for explaining :c) I figured I was missing something as our B00bies doesn't generally mount her horse that is high without a good cause! I definitely adovocate proper rescue places, my cats have always come from there.
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I also like to think CD, that the harder it is to get rid of unwanted pets, the more people may think about more before getting them, especially those on a whim.

I kid you not, the kerfuffle I caused last night on our local forum was over a staffy (obviously!) puppy of 10 weeks old that someone was getting rid of as they didn't have the time or patience (those exact words were used too, except more illiterately). Poor little thing had already had at least 2 homes and was/is being passed on to God knows where as the daft Lady didn't put any thought into it before getting it in the first place.
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heh, i said b i n t, not lady.
considering it should only have been homed for the first time at eight weeks how the hell has it alreday had two owners. they are strong minded dogs and the most iresponsible person is the one that sold it in the first place purely for money and no care ta all who it was going to. my father and grandfather used to breed and train working collies on th efarm i lived on and if they weren't sure about the people that came to buy they wouldn't sell.
Good for you BOO---- too much cruelty to animals goes on at the present time. You go for it , am dead proud of you .Brenda.

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A small victory

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