mouse in the house

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oops!!! | 11:16 Sun 01st May 2005 | Animals & Nature
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saw a mouse in sitting room last searched all over then it ran out from under chest of drawers then disappeared under other furniture.i checked behind chest of drawers dragged it away from wall PHEW!!! and discovered it was building a nest EEK!!! I have vacuumed up all the mess including some droppings and thoroughly cleaned the area.Our cat saw it scamper away this morning stalked it for about 10 seconds then walked off completely disinterested !!!  I think it likes the mouse do cats do that? now I have left the patio doors open hoping it runs away into the garden but i am not sure where it is now. i don't want to kill it but it makes me feel creepy thinking it is still here. HELP PLS


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Get a marvellous little gadget called a Trip Trap, available from pet shops + other places. It's a humane mouse catcher - you bait the little box with chocolate, nuts, muesli or whatever you have handy, leave it overnight near the hole - the next day you take the box with the mouse in a mile or more away, & let it out in its new area.

Not only more humane than those awful wire things (I have seen mice caught by a foot or a tail) but also much more effective.

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thank you Solarjunkie will do that tomorrow.I feel much better about it now :))


A mouse!!!!

Sell the house immediately!

buy a snake.....

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mouse in the house

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