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Gem19Oxford | 21:54 Fri 29th Apr 2005 | Animals & Nature
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I have kept cold water fish for years and have decided it's time for a change, I have just purchased a tropical tank 3.5ft long, 1.5ft wide and 1.5 ft high.  I have set it up according to all specifications etc etc and have set the temperature to 24 deg.  I am looking to introduce fish in a couple of weeks time and as it is my first tropical tank it would be much appreciated if someone could give me an idea of a few good community fish for "beginners" to stock with, apart from the usual guppys and neons.....

Also I would like to know what sort of life expectancy tropical fish have as opposed to the fresh water variety as I have been led to believe that they don't live very long.


Your help is much appreciated x


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My housemate at uni kept tropical fish for more than 18 months. Some of the fish survived for this length of time. One of the platys, a couple of tetras. There are many different types of tetras you could get, as you say, guppys. Hardy types are those like the platys, but they are known to breed like rabbits. You could get some sucker fish. It's always interesting watching them go round the tank. Maybe if your going to be more adventurous you could get some rainbow fish. Not sure if that's the technical term. I hope i've assumed correctly that it's a freshwater tank rather than a marine one. Let us know some more about what you want in your tank etc.

some loaches for the bottom.... some angel fish and a kissing gurami (sorry don't know the spelling).... as for life exp. - we had the same fish for years.....

Just remember that there's more work to a tropical tank than with goldfish..... but other than that Enjoy it!!


A silver-fin shark, that's another cool one he had. Really friendly. Smart too. Was always pressed up the glass at the front of the tank whenever someone looked in. Now they've gone to live at his home, but most are still alive. Let us know how your fish venture goes.
Hi there I have just recently moved from Tropical/Brackish Fish to Full Salt Marine Fish, I would say that the best way of learning about any new Fsih Hobby is to join a Forum Similar to this one but solely about fish, This is one that I was a member of when I had my Trops.

Good Luck


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