Do you know where your cat goes when it is out on its travels?

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wolf63 | 22:38 Wed 30th Nov 2011 | Animals & Nature
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I heard about this device on a TV programme and thought that I would post a link for all you fellow cat slaves.

The catTrack is clipped onto a harness around your moggie. Upon its return (whilst it is demanding food) you attach it to your computer via a USB and you will get a map showing where your cat has been.

Bit pricey - but what a good idea.


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What will they think of next lol...trouble is could be easily lost or stolen...expensive toy in that case....
I'm sure mine just swaggers down the street...sits under a few cars...waits for me to make a coffee and then demands to come back in.
We used to have a devil of a job to get ours out from under cars...spent ages calling him in and he'd sit in the middle underneath "taunting" us to get him lol.
I don't wish to know
''I don't wish to know ''

lol. I'm sure your cat feels the same way.

I believe our cat sits under a conifer snoozing for most of the time he's out... lazy git.
my pillow generally
I can save you the cost.
They all come to my garden for their business.
Swarms of them from all over the UK descending on my lawn.
I've always wanted something like this but I'm pretty sure he just picks a garden, goes for a poo and then comes home again.
Some of you ladies I read about in your A/B comments could use one of these attached to your partners.
I'd be very surprised if Colin gets off his fat backside the whole day, until he hears my car pull up.. when he comes to meet me at the roadside.

I'm sure that's his movements for the day :o)

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Do you know where your cat goes when it is out on its travels?

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