Lily-the Blind Great Dane....Homeless Again

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pastafreak | 10:33 Sat 26th Nov 2011 | Animals & Nature
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Seeing wildwoods post about Lily-I Googled to get an update...and it's not good news unfortunately...


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That is a very sad outcome :o(
That is such sad ending, the original story touched a lot of hearts. I hope Lily soon finds her forever human companion.
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It's almost as if they should have stayed permanently with the Dogs Trust....I hope she finds loving,and patient new owners.
it will soon have a new home and will be fine, my lad was blind but it never got him down , put him in the garden the girls would go for a nosey round he would sit happily in the sun by himself.
so long as he heard my voice every so often he knew he was safe

Oh that is so sad.
Why didn't they keep the blind one as the sighted one would find a home easier surely?
That is a beautiful cat Dr.
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Lankeela-that's exactly what I thought. Maybe they felt they couldn't trust her. What a shame that she is the one to lose out.
I'd have her in a heartbeat if my current old lady were not still around, she's very old now and utterly cantankerous, but not going anywhere just yet I don't think.
Bugger! Why do most of the feel-good stories end up on a sad note!
Is she cat friendly? Some dogs and cats form wonderful relationships and it's not unknown for cats to act as guides.

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Lily-the Blind Great Dane....Homeless Again

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