A Feel-Good Story for bedtime.

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ladybirder | 22:55 Wed 09th Nov 2011 | Animals & Nature
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Only one question - did you enjoy it and did it warm your heart?



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How can you not like that ! thank you lb
Question Author
Thanks bbm, it's lovely isn't it.
Thanks ladybirder, that is awesome :)
A day at th beauty salon gone a little awry, but a positive outcome.
That's fab.
Lovely ladybird. And isn't it marvellous how the other elephants wait for them and try to rescue them. Lesson in loyalty for us.
Question Author
Yes indeed Star. What brought a lump to my throat was when the baby went back to its mother after being pulled out and they had to rescue it again. So glad they intervened.
Ladybirder, that's a wonderful story - counterbalances mine, thank goodness.. there is good in the world.
Just read this - a real tear-to the-eye story and wonderful to read. What an amazing rescue, thanks for the link
I read this yesterday and liked it so much, I pasted it on my facebook status.

A Wonderful story, and wonderful people.
Cried buckets - mankind giving something back for a change.
It was a lovely story.

I can just imagine the guys after pulling junior (all ten tonnes of him) out of the mud and turning around to start dragging out his (much bigger) mummy.

We can learn much from such animals - wolves too - the only really nasty animals are us and the chimps.
No, just us wolf ...
Question Author
Err chimps can be pretty awful to each other I'm afraid although they don't wreck the whole planet like us.

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A Feel-Good Story for bedtime.

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