Tree Bumblebees

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seadogg | 19:23 Mon 20th Jun 2011 | Animals & Nature
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The tree bumblebee has reached North Yorkshire and we have had them in a rockery wall since Spring. They may be distinguished from other bumblebees by their "white tails". In view of the plight of the honey bee at present they are invaluable in pollination this season. I wonder when others noticed them in their progress northward from the South Coast ?


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Yes, we had some in our garden a few weeks back when the rose first started blooming.
interesting seadogg - have just googled it and will keep a sharp look out - what a lovely little beastie
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We are on the North Yorkshire Coast. Are you further north boxtops?
Seadogg, I think it was towards mid April I first noticed them (hants), but certainly no later than the third week of April. Now we have loads of them even though the weather has been very wet for the past week and a half.
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Thanks Carmalee and chaffinch. In Hants they will have been around for years I guess. My suspicions were aroused by seeing them coming and going from the rockery wall and putting the binocs on them revealed the remarkable white tails which fair flummoxed me (as we say up here) till I did a google on them, like you carmalee.

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Tree Bumblebees

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