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Oleanda | 10:39 Fri 27th May 2011 | Animals & Nature
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This is the first year we have had a bird box, and Great Tits have nested in it. Wednesday morning I saw Mum (or Dad) feeding the young at the entrance, and later in the morning I walked past and could hear the babies inside, but since then - nothing! Haven't seen a single Tit anywhere. Would they have fledged and gone so quickly, or has something dreadful happened?


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Oleanda,I'm having the same worry.We have Blue Tits nesting and mum has been back and forth like a crazy thing for over 2 weeks and when she comes near I can hear them all chirping. This morning,no sign of mum and no chirping.I have no idea how many babies. Am very worried myself and have an awful feeling something has happened. I too have no idea how quickly they fledge as I've never had a box before. Will watch your post to see what answers you get. I know there is nothing that can be done but it's still upsetting after seeing her look after them so well. Hope your babies are ok too.
someone from here (not sure whether to name them!) was posting nest-cam videos on Facebook. they were so lovely, then one day the male didn't return to the nest and the mother couldn't cope with feeding her 8 babies. they all died very quickly.

it's sad, but I guess nature can be that fragile.
They have probably fledged by now, usually week three and 4 of May. The parents may produce another clutch of eggs later in the season
Hi Milvus,would they fledge without you between yesterday when I last saw mum going in the box and this morning,first thing? I do hope so. I am terrified of taking the box down to clean it for next time and finding dead chicks inside. I am a right softie.
When they leave the nest they all go together so they'll be out and gone pretty quickly. Remember the chicks really only make noise when the parents are around. Don't be tempted to look in the nest just yet
Thanks so much.I wasn't planning on looking...I realised the other day that they make a right noise when mum is near and are very quiet when she's away. I really hope they have fledged but I guess I'll know when I look at the box. How long would you suggest leaving it for? Many thanks for your answers and Oleanda,sorry if I hijacked your thread :)
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Thankyou for your replies, I hope they have fledged, but I would have expected to see them around the rest of the garden, but have not seen a single one anywhere. I'm a big softie too, barb, and would hate to find bodies in the box. I will leave well alone to see if we get another family later on.
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↑ it was him!
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sorry, it was Trimeresurus.

I feel like I need a lie-down now!
I would'nt panic just yet, they do fledge and disapear quite quickly, they are also very good at hiding in the trees for mum to come and feed them staying very quiet. Please don't touch the box yet.
we havent had bluetits nesting for the last 2 yrs (due to next doors cats?)
But all the years we have had babies, they have all suddenly gone early in the mornings, and we have been lucky to see them take flight most of the time.
They kept on popping their little heads out , untill suddenly you see them all over the garden, being encouraged out of the box. Such a lovely sight to see.
oleanda, I reckon your babies have left the nest by now if all has gone quiet

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