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Catapa | 16:09 Thu 19th May 2011 | Animals & Nature
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My daughter's mini dachshund often urinates into corners. He is now nearly one year old and otherwise very nice and friendly. When we got him he was trained to do it on a "training pad", but now this problem is becoming more frequent. How do we get him to always do all his business outside?


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okay don't yell, or make a fuss. Clean up really well where he has been with a specialist urine cleaner...petshops sell them or you can buy zybax online. Is he nervous or stressed about anything? Could he have any physical problems?
Now comes the interesting bit. You ill need about 4 or 5 days when he is under your eye 24/7. He needs to go out in the garden on waking, before and after food, about every two hours during waking hours and whenever he wakes in the night. He needs to be by your bed and either in a box or crate or on a lead so he can't go without you knowing. You are going to be managing his continence and giving him no chance to pee indoors. Every time he pees in the garden, huge praise and a yummy treat. If you fail (the dog won't fail, it will be your fault) then stay calm and clean up the puddle thoroughly. If you catch him starting to pee indoors, gently and cheerfully take him outdoors and wait till he goes. This method does work provided the dog isn't unwell or stress weeing.

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Train a Dachshund

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