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swedeheart | 14:36 Thu 19th May 2011 | Animals & Nature
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Strictly speaking not a question but this talk between Eckhart Tolle and Cesar Millan is so lovely it would be criminal not to share it on here:))) It's in three parts, part II and III will appear as a clickable choice under UP NEXT on the "monitor" as each preceding clip comes to an end. Make yourselves a cuppa and ENJOY, this is beautiful. (Oh and Cesar does a wicked impression of a cat;)


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I had not heard of Eckhart Tolle before - he is a good interviewer. He seems to have the habit of nodding - either that or he is snoozing with his head moving.

Thanks for the link. Cesar is enigmatic but many people dislike him and his methods. He has been a keen observer of cats - I would love to see him train a group of cats to obey him and live in harmony.
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Hi wolf. I'm not all that familiar with Eckhart Tolle myself but I keep hearing his name and he is, according to The New York Times, the most influential spiritual writer in the US of A, when he's not snoozing on national television;) I may have to study his teachings more closely - he's certainly interesting if you read the Wikipedia article.

Not sure what the Cesar criticism is about...? / Cat whispering, yeah... I can see it now...
I wouldn't let Cesar Millan near a dog of mine because of his confrontational style. More than once I have seen him pinning an animal to the floor by its neck as a way of showing his macho dominance and there's no need for it. That's just one example but there are others, I get irritated just watching him so I don't anymore. Victoria Stilwell gets my vote every time; she does it all with kindness and reward.
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Thanks for explaining, ladybirder. I have only seen him do that with dogs so aggressive and unreliable that they would have had to be put down unless they had been given that opportunity to change their thinking about who the top dog is. Does Victoria Stilwell work with quite as aggressive dogs? (I'm a Swede and Victoria's shows haven't aired here as much as Ceasar's have.)
Yes swedeheart I have seen her work with aggressive dogs but in a completely different way to Cesar. I much prefer her methods. Here is a link to her website if you haven't already seen it.
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Thanks, I'll study that, and have a look around YouTube for her as well. I'm not a dog owner but I like'em:)
Sorry but I don't agree with Victoria Stilwell,s traning methodsl they just cannot work!..........however, Caesar Milan's way does work!.......dogs are pack animals, and he understands that!.......he has lots of dogs, they live together in harmony because they have a pack leader!..........He is the pack leader!............simple!.........if you choose to own a dog, then, you have to become the pack leader!..............
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Yup, I believe that's true, welshlibran...r? (Also, Cesar is yummier isn't he;)
The difference is Victoria Stillwell gives the often very novice owners the knowledge to train their own dogs, whereas Cesar uses force to make the dogs comply, not always easy for owners to replicate and could be very dangerous with some of the dogs if the owners get it wrong. I know who I prefer. I have seen him bitten several times.
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That's a good point about replicating, lankeela.
Welsh Victoria understands those things as well; I have seen and heard her drilling into dog owners the fact that they must be Top Dog and that dogs are pack animals, many times. Her methods DO WORK. The difference is she does it with kindness not bullying and showing off. As I said I wouldn't let him near an animal of mine, can't stand him. I can see we are never going to agree on this though.

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eckhart tolle and cesar millan

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