Feeding cats???

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gordyagusta | 15:25 Fri 15th Apr 2011 | Animals & Nature
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Hi All, I need some advice on how to feed my cats... I have two cats at home and when it comes to feeding time one is a scoffer- Mika and the other a picker- Skye. The problem I have is that the Mika gets most or all of the food and wee Skye gets little or none. I do however have a bowl of dry food present at all times which Skye does 'pick' away at and Mika for the most part ignores. I'm getting the impression that the Skye is not getting enough food.... how do you manage a situation like this where I can ensure that both cats get enough food at meal times. Its not possible for me to supervise feeding times beause I'm at work during the day. Any advice is gratefully received.


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3 separate with dried food, one for Skye and one for Mika. That should provide enough food for the two cats.
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doing that you'll risk ending up with a very fat cat and the other one still not getting enough
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Thanks all, I provide 4 seperate bowls, 1 each for the fresh food 1 for the dried food and 1 for water/milk. I feed both cats at 7:30am with fresh food and top up the dried food I have to leave the house soon after so I can't see whose getting what, when I come in from work at about 5pm both fresh bowls are licked clean and the dried food has been disturbed. When i feed them at 5:30pm Mika is right in there wolfing it down mean while wee Skye tends to show little interest or if she does its only a couple of mouth fulls she takes then moves on to other things, Next thing to happen is Mika finishes bowl number 1 and moves onto bowl number 2. I have taken bowl number 2 away from her but its hard to judge when to put it back out because Skye shows little interest in actual feeding times and tends to just pick at her leisure, but to do this means leaving bowl number 2 out and yep, guess who's waiting to pounce..... I worry that wee Skye is not getting enough how can i make sure she gets her share??...
Funny old life...ain't? We have 3 cats, one is like Skye.........but they all are fit and well.

No fat ones or thin ones.

Don't worry, they will sort themselves out.
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Thanks all, I like the idea of the timer bowl, I'll have a look around and see what s on the market....... Much appreciated All.

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I have siblings Frankie is a pig/labrador in a cat body but his sister isn't as interested in food.

Frankie eats his food and Merlin picks at hers and then gives up and lets Frankie eat it. Merlin usually ends up eating the dried food - she is long haired and it makes for less mess at the other end.

I used to think that Frankie bullied his sister - but now I know that she takes so much and then beats the [email protected] out of him.

I leave the food side of things alone these days - Merlin isn't too bothered about the situation.

I have seen Frankie with his face in his own plate and with a paw in Merlin's plate and growling at her to keep her away.

Being a parent to a furry-bairn is difficult.

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Feeding cats???

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