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lizzydrippin | 15:29 Sun 14th Nov 2010 | Pets
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Hello There, I need to get some rather nasty tasting powder into my cat and though wrapping it in a small piece of very thin paper then into a piece of chicken worked for a few days , now he eats around the piece of chicken its in and leaves it. Ive tried wrapping it in cheese (which worked marvellously once but never again), anyone have any ideas?


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If it is only a short course of medication try the brute force method.

Or you could check this out -
mash it into sardines or pate
we had to switch from dried cat food to tin canned in order to hide the crushed tablets. Worked a treat. But only use a small amount of the soft food and they will probably eat it, otherwise you wont know hes eaten the bit with any powder in it. Good Luck

I jest, believe me - mine do just like yours, eat round the offending article. Can suggest a pilchard or other strong-smelling fish, you can poke the powder inside and mash it up to disguise it?
sorry wolfy, didn't realise yours is the same as mine, the URL is different!
I would have said sardines or pilchards in tomato sauce, but if he wont eat it once you have smashed it up, you have wasted the medication. I would open his mouth and put it in.......quickly.
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Thanks very much for all your suggestions and the 'How to give a cat a pill' instructions never fails to make me laugh no matter how many times I read it, plus Ive been in that same situation many many times!. With my own cats I can normally manage to give the pill/tablet directly without too much trouble, (depending on which cat it is), but this particular cat is a feral so there's no hope there of him co-operating at all. Its always the same with regards to that first week of feeding when they will eat absolutely everything and anything that they are offered and you can easily slip medications into it. But by the second week its a different kettle of fish (no pun intended) and they suddenly decide to become very fussy and picky about whats on offer. I really thought I'd cracked it with the wee balls of cheese, I gave him one with nothing inside, then one with med included, then another with nothing and he couldn't get enough of the stuff. But the very next day he suddenly hates cheese. Typical cat. I'll persevere anyway, cheers!
Try it in a knob of margerine (I know, we are not allowed to call it that any more) but he will get it round his whiskers and lick it off. And yes, smart *rses, I mean the word margerine, not knob!
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I have found that pate works - if I have to give medication for any length of time I usually rotate whatever it is I'm hiding it in (pate, cream cheese, butter, sardines etc) so they hopefully don't get too fed up. Mind you cats are devious little devils ...............
you could mix it in some liquid and syringe it down his throat
Here's how I used to get my cat to take her beta blockes:

Go out and buy a small stash of "gourmet" cat food tins.
Crush the tablet to a fine powder with the butt end of a knife in a shot glass, mix the powder throughly with about 1/3rd of the cat food, then give her this *first* at feeding time, top it up with regular catfood when she's finished it.
I popped round to my neighbour for a natter.
She explained that the vet had given her some tablets to give to her cat and that she had a foolproof way of getting the cat to take them.
As she waited for the kettle to boil for our cuppa, she knocked up a chicken sandwich which she left on a plate on the table whilst we went into the front room...........

After we had finished our cuppa, she beckoned me into the kitchen where there was now a completely empty plate !

She was worked every time :o)
Lol, think jack's friend had the right idea there

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