head-hunting cat

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bosschester | 11:56 Fri 05th Nov 2010 | Pets
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I have just taken on a rescued five year old cat. She has turned out to be an accomplished hunter, having practically cleared our garden of mice and rats.(We live in open country on farmland).

The unfortunate victims are found in our yard, neatly laid out and ready for burial.

The strange thing is that they are headless. Whether mouse, baby rabbit, or rat, she only eats their heads! Does anyone know the reason for this? Is there possibly some nutritional reason? Or has she maybe been influenced by Lewis Carrol's Queen of Hearts!!


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Well, I don'r know the answer but my cat sometimes eats everything but the head. It's like a mouse version of The Godfather at times - there were four lined up in a row the other morning.
Can't answer your question I'm afraid but our cats (all mighty hunters) used to take their takeaways into the shower and just leave the gall bladder for me to dispose of. Can understand why that happened as it would be bitter but really can't think of any other reason for your cat's behaviour other than personal preference.
Maybe she's experiencing a type of phantom pregnancy syndrome and is providing you with prey that can't escape. Bob Appetit.

I am worried about what your cat is gonna hunt now, seeing the rats/mice are gone.
One of my cats ate everything except the heart and the ears. It was like some kind of ritual murder scene.
My cat brings them in live, sits on them for a few minutes and then lets them go because she loses interest! I would rather have them lined up outside and dead that have to chase perfectly unharmed little rodents around the house. She never kills them or leaves any marks on them. (Some die of shock!).

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head-hunting cat

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