labrador doesn't bark..

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rowanwitch | 11:10 Mon 26th Apr 2010 | Pets
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A friend has asked me to ask you.. she has a 7 year old labrador who barked when he was young but stopped at age 4 and hasn't barked since... makes all sorts of growls grunts etc just no woofs she has tried everything and would like him to be a bit better when people come to the door etc.

ta Rowan


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Sounds like george.... his owner thought it might be just he is very happy and laid back perhaps she should get him a friend if she wants a guard dog....I suggested a poodle cos even that would be more butch than woofie George
As he's got older he's found there's nothing worth his barking at, that's all !.
Labs are not a vocal breed anyway. If your friend wants a dog that barks she should get a Keeshond. That breed is famous (or infamous) for barking !

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labrador doesn't bark..

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