Medium sized family dog

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shiznit | 18:57 Sun 25th Apr 2010 | Pets
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I want another Labrador, and so does my daughter, we are still in major talks with the rest of the family though. We have decided to come up with a list of the most suitable breeds, could you wonderful AB'ers come up with some suggestions?.

We already have Lab of course, Brittany Spaniel, Cocker and Springer, Retriever, Collie, someone chucked Newfoundland in there!!!!!, way toooooo big.

Any more for anymore!


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awhhh.. you have to have one of these... http://upload.wikimed...dale_Terrier_Face.jpg
patterdale terriers fabulous dogs x
I would love to own "digby" the biggest dog in the world until I remembered his poo's would be massive :S
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a sausage dog
My friend has had a succession of English Setters. They're completely potty but incredibly loyal and affectionate:

The most beautiful dogs in the world, in my opinion, are Siberian Huskies. It's those stunning blue eyes, together with the sleek wolf-like body that makes them so great:

This might be of use to you:

I'm prejudiced but for me it would have to be a German Shepherd, but they are probably bigger then you want
I've got a westie but my neighbours have 2 lovely cocker spaniels....
I have a red setter/cocker spaniel cross. He's a rescue dog and he's just the most fabulous thing on 4 legs. It's true love !

His dad just shouted at him, and if he shouts at my little boy again I'm gonna knock his head off.
German shorthaired pointer, lovely dog, shed less than a lab
weimaraner wee devils to train and can be a bit sharp but so beautiful and full of character
English pointer nice dogs, can be nervy
Vizla..lovely clownish nature and again beautiful dog
Beagle sweet and happy may give you recall probs
Have to agree with Paddywak, German Shepherds are the best breed in the world.
Apart from the 8 week old demon that is chewing my slipper as I type! Sure I don't need to tell you, but Collies and Springers need loads of exercise, and are not so laid back as Labs. Brittanies are Cockers are also quite 'busy' dogs, Don't forget most of the terrier type breeds (and Spaniels) need coats that will require clipping regularly.
Retrievers are lovely, but again do shed a lot of hair. A Pointer or German Shorthaired Pointer again need exercise but are quite low maintenance.
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Awwww, thanks everyone. Some really great suggestions there. The kids love the spaniels and I think are overlooking the grooming/exercise issues because they are so cute. I am a Lab lover at heart, always have been, but think we would have to get 2, good company for each other. I do love the Brittany's though. I think we will be have some more discussions over the next few days!.

Thanks again
I am sure that, if you look hard enough, you will get a pup with all of the above breeds in it. :-)

Good luck with the new addition to your household.
Word of advice if getting two from the same litter, I would get a dog and bitch or two dogs and have the dogs castrated - two bitches from the same litter or two uncastrated dogs can often fall out when they get a bit older.

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Medium sized family dog

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