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kev1 | 15:43 Fri 23rd Apr 2010 | Pets
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A few months ago my wife got a cat and she feeds it three satchets of meat or fish or whatever, plus there are always biscuits in it's other bowl.

The cat doesn't seem to eat because it's hungry it seems to eat when it has nothing better to do, for example in the last hour it has been to it's bowl 3 times.

Is it eating too much?
Is it eating too often?
Is it just bored?

Any help would be appreciated


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Never try to understand the workings of a cat's mind - us mere humans are too stupid to comprehend what they are thinking.

I put sachets down when Frankie demands them - usually twice a day. His sister eats dried food and grazes during the day. Frankie checks his bowl of 'meat' and either eats it all in one sitting or rejects it and refuses to eat it because it is the wrong flavour!? But my last cat would eat some and wander off to do something and then he would keep returning to his bowl for a nibble.

They are all different. Frankie some times demands food at about three or four in the morning. He wakes me up (using various methods) and I have to go and feed him so that I can shut him up and so I can get back to bed.

They are devious and manipulative and totally lovable.

Have fun!
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You are right they are totally devious and manipulative
Is the cat overweight and idle or does it appear to regulate it's intake.? Some animals are greedy and others make a plan for what's best for them - to answer the question you're going to have watch the beastie and see what happens. No two animals are the same.
My cat has taken to inviting his mates in the house...
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The thing is dont own a cat, a cat owns you. I have 3 cats, the 2 eldest, Addy and Oscar, we have had since kittens and they are happy with a feed morning and early evening but the little one, Sadie, adopted us (just turned up on the doorstep one day and decided she liked us and would stay) has to have food available all the time. We think its because she was a stray and worrys incase she is going to be hungry. All different, but all lovely.
Our cats get a sachet or small tin of food, twin a day. I can't beleive that the boxes say feed 4 sachets a day - mine don't want that much and would be the size of elephants if they did (they are all over 5 kilo - big models - as it is! They supplement with a handful of dried biscuits after each meal. I find they are more receptive to food when a) they have eaten all the last one so their bowls are empty or b) next door's cat's been in and eaten the leftovers. They are terrible creatures of habit and often now want night-biscuits when I go downstairs to lock up before I go to bed. They do get bored but usually sleep when bored. If your cat thinks it will get fed every time it goes to its bowl then it will try it on. Get it a few catnip toys or some ping=ponmg balls to chase around - and the summer is coming, it will be enjoy being out of doors and sleeping in the sun. Keep feeding it, it'll keep expecting (and then demanding) it!
^ sorry, that should say twice a day, each.

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