pregnant rabbit?

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dalebillster | 13:13 Sun 23rd Aug 2009 | Pets
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how do i know if my rabbit is pregnant? if she is, what will i need to get her to keep her comfortable & be able to raise her litter? i noticed today she is pulling her fur out & putting it in a pile in one end of the hutch...


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Domesticated doe rabbits will sometimes pull fur during an epeisode of false pregnancy, but this is fairly rare. She's probably pregnant but, if she'll let you and if you're comfortable with it you could palpitate her...

Place her on a table or other waist-high structure with her head facing you. Grasp her abdomen just to the rear of the rib cage with fingers of one hand on each side. You should be able to feel your fingers through the abdomen. This won't hurt her, pregnant or not.

Continue to move your fingers toward her tail with enough pressure to feel your fingers. If she's pregnant you should be able to feel the kits (about the size of a small marble).

Since the gestation is only about a month long (maybe as short as 25 days) you'll be able to determine pregnancy after about two weeks with this method.

Just keep her in some straw and continue usual water and feed habits... she'll be just fine.

If the buck is still in with her and you determine she's pregnant, it's best if you remove him as delivery date nears... Best of luck!
Just in addition to Clanad's excellent advice, if she does have young do ensure that they are not disturbed in the nest at all or she may eat them.
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Hi everyone, just to let you know when i was out yesterday having my dinner, i went home to find that both of my female rabbits have given birth!! Thanks for the advice & now im on the lookout for another hutch! thanks

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