Natural feeding for dogs

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shivvy | 10:03 Thu 16th Jul 2009 | Pets
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Can anyone who makes their own natural dog food please let me know what sort of ingredients you use?


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I think the reason there have been no answers to your question is that if making your own dog food it is so diffiicult
to get the right balance of vitamins and minerals etc, and in this day and age when so many dog food manufacturers spend so much money formulating their products there is not much call for making your own. Try a wholemeal mixer (Laughing Dog) with some meat from a supplier like AMP but you will still need to add supplements, so it is not a cheap option.
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Thanks for the info lankeela.
My little dog enjoys eating pretty much anything apart from 'proper' dog food ie the crunchy mixer or complete foods.

I know that some people might say that a dog will eat anything if they are hungry enough. I agree with that to a certain extent, but I would like to see her enjoy her food instead of reluctantly sidling up to her dish only when she is starving.

She likes tinned dogfood but the 4% meat content really puts me off feeding it to her.
Try Trophy pet foods. All the food they produce is even fit for human consumption.
I feed mine on Eukanuba complete dry food, which they will eat on its own but because I am a soft touch I add a small amount of tinned meat (usually in gravy) so it coats the dry food and they eat it much quicker than the dried on its own.
They also like raw tripe or other mince, which I get frozen from AMP, and you can buy small packs so you don't have to get much out at a time.
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I have been doing something similar lankeela. I give her dry complete food but squish a couple of tinned hotdogs in with it cause she adores them!
I have seen your very informed, intelligent and informative posts on this site many times so if that is what you do, I will stick with what I'm doing!
I have naturally fed my two dogs from puppies. The Jack Russell is 12 and the Collie mix is 7. Both are very healthy and do not need any vets treatment.

I feed raw mince (lamb or beef sometimes chicken. They have lightly cooked mixed veg (put through food processor) with added fresh garlic. I will add herbs from the garden just a few as you would do with your own food. They also have a small dose of a liquid mineral vitamin supplement that we use and either antioxidant or probiotic and omega 3. Raw bone is a daily essential in their diet as it keeps their gums and teeth healthy and the anal glands. I do make my own dog biscuits but also rely on a bought one. It was Holistic Health but cannot get those now so am looking at Denes mixer biscuits but doing more research as well.

For more information on natural feeding and rearing of dogs get hold of a copy of Dr Pitcairn's Complete Guide to Natural Health for Dogs and Cats (out of print I think). It is truly excellent and you will have happy, healthy dogs.

Hope this is of use to you.
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Thanks smithee - I will look into that book.

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Natural feeding for dogs

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