new kitten?

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icebread | 13:26 Wed 15th Jul 2009 | Pets
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any tips on getting a new kitten please. thank you for your time


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you could try your local cat rescue centre.
try an rspca rescue centre, or something like, although they would recommend you take kittens in pairs.
Do you mean acquiring one or how to behave when you have got one?
aaah lucky you - what kind of tips do you want though?
Feeding - choosing a kitten - care etc?

If you can get a rescue kitten - that I think is the best option.. since it will go to a loving home it wouldnt have had before.

Also recommend that you get him/her microchipped rather than a collar - they get up to all sorts of mischief and collars can strangulate them!
for getting tips for all pets
surbabu4....if you must keep advertising your site here at least have the decency to post a working link!
I always advise people to make contact with their local cat rescue centre to adopt kittens and cats who need a loving home and to not buy kittens from pet shops. I find kittens are best in pairs because they keep eachother entertained though if there's going to be somebody around them for most of the day then one should be alright by themselves.

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new kitten?

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