Can't litter train my kitten

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Tezzabell | 00:56 Sat 27th Jun 2009 | Pets
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I have acquired 2 kittens a couple of weeks ago after my other cat died. I have had cats for years and would consider myself to know quite alot about them

When i went to get my new kittens (from an advert in my local paper) they obvioulsly weren't very well but i was unprepared to leave them there and the house was a state as were the kittens. They were thin, covered in fleas, has worms, cat flu, they were 9 weeks old but very very small.

Straight away, i flea'd and wormed them, and took them to the vet. They are being treated for their cat flu and although they are still ill they are much much better and have generally settled in very well.

HOWVEVER, one of the kittens will not use the litter tray! I have tried everything to make this happen and it just doesnt seem to work. It's so upsetting because i really want to keep this kitten but i can't do this if she carries on. I have a 2 year old daughter and i can't have her coming across cat mess, it's not pleasant or safe. Does anyone have any bright ideas that could help me, please. It just seems that if i block somewhere she goes somewhere else, anywhere other than her tray!!!

Any ideas welcome, getting rid of her would not sit easy with me but i' running out of options.



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Any chance the kit can have access to outdoors? Or bring in outdoor soil for the litter tray.
does she have the run of the house if so confine her to a small place. Basket, food bowls and a litter tray which should be placed further away from the food. Put kitty into the litter tray and hold her paws dig them into the litter. If you are using one litter tray for both kittens buy another one.
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She's too young and ill to go out, if i put soil in do you think it might work. It wouldn't be my favourite idea as i'd get muddy paws on my cream carpet, ha ha. She was just basically the runt and i dont think where she came from she was looked after at all. There were 15 kittens so she probably didnt get a look in on the tray. Uuf
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I have bought two smaller litter trays, one each for them. She mainly has the run of the house, we did confine her to the bathroom with her tray but she just does it on the floor next to the tray.
If you're trying to bring on a neglected kit that was used to being outdoors - it could be the soil smell needed. It's worth a try. Bagged compost wont work.
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She didn't live outside, she was inside but there were 15 kittens and they were all in a mess. The other kitten uses the tray fine and I've never had much of a problem litter training any other cats. I just hope this is a battle i can somehow win
Have you put some of her 'mess' into her tray?? Also-don't scrub the tray out...leave some of her smell there for her. The other option is to watch her closely...and scoop her into the tray as soon as she appears to start to 'go'.
Its probably best to isolate the kit in a cat box or some restricted area till it strengthens.....under a heat light, if necessary.
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I have left some of her mess in the tray, and she has used the tray a couple of times but with no consistency. I have changed the type of litter, i have tried so many things.
I think you will just need to be persistant and patient,,,and try isolation...that may help. Whatever you do-it will take time.
I'd def give the soil idea a go! It's a good idea for when they are ready to outside aswell (although not for the neighbours lol!
I've got 2 rabbits, the first 1 (boy) I had toilet trained within the week until the new one came (girl) now he just does it everywhere the little sod lol so I'm trying to get him back on his tray but in the meantime it's taking longer to train her! hjonestly sometimes I think I'm fighting a loosing battle! So I empathise with lol & good luck
Have you tried a different type of litter Tezza,sometimes that does the trick,they don't all like the same,if that doesn't work scoop the next bit of poo from wherever she does it or get some tissue and soak up her urine on it and take them to the litter tray and leave them there long enough for the litter to absorb the scent,I hope something works for you and the kitten,it would be a pity if she has to be moved again,good luck.
Sorry ,in so much of a rush to help have put forward ideas that have already been suggested.
right...the best litter for kittens is something like tesco lightweight, where its not heavy and they enjoy scrabbling around when they bury their mess? firstly, don't isolate the kitten as they really enjoy compnay and it will be lonely! i'd probably poo on the floor as well if i was locked in the bathroom - lol! get some poo and bury it inthe tray, and also rub some cat litter in urine from the cat if she pees on the floor. put this in the tray as well. then it will smell like a toilet and the kitten will know what it is. put her in it a couple of times and then only if she poos on the floor (and you know shes just done it) or looks likes she wants to mess put her in it as you want to associate doing the deed with the tray. if you repeatedly and consistently put the kitten in it at other times, they will not learn. some cats get it straight away, others take a while to learn. occaisionally, my wild-ish two year old will poo or pee somewhere random for no reason. cats! good luck x
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Indeed cats! Well, im tryin all of these things, thanks for suggestions. She has used the tray this morning, so hopefully she'll continue to do so. As i said, i really really don't want to lose her, she is ill and i'm looking forward seeing her blossom into a healthy cat with a shiny coat (her coat at the moment is like a bag of rags, bless). Will let you know how i go on.
If you are considering to try another litter I can recommend one. It is very expensive, but my cats like using the Worlds Best Cat Litter, you can buy it online or from a pet shop. The granules are very small and it is easily disposed of down the toilet. It clumps together well, does not smell and my cats bury their wee and poo quite happily in the litter, leaving me to clear up their mess of course!
I very much hope that you have got on top of this now Tezzabell, as it would be awful to have to get rid of the kitten, especially as she is probably settling into her new home. Best of luck, hope everything works out.
Hi Tezzabell:

I can't add anything useful to any of the excellent suggestions. I just wanted to wish you and the little one the very best and I sincerely hope she keeps "going" where she's supposed to!

P.S. Our smaller of our two cats is half lying against my lap top and making this harder to type than usual. Hee hee.
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I just wanted to let you know that for the last few days Misty has used her tray happily and i have seen nor smelt any 'accidents' elsewhere. We had to take them both back to the vets on Sat, it seems their cat flu is a little harder to shift than I had hoped. However, they are clearly quite happy and not feelin too ill as they play like crazy - it's lovely to watch.

Seems they are set for a long happy life here.

Thanks all, x
I am glad that things worked out with the toilet training. They are devious, cunning and manipulative animals - and make ideal companions.

I have to say that 'coz one of mine is sitting beside me watching the screen and reading what I am typing.

lol @ wolf

I'm glad things are working out Tezzabell

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