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Postdog | 21:37 Fri 26th Jun 2009 | Pets
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Got a new dog today from the rescue centre. Did have two but Jack died last christmas, and Gizzy doesn't seem herself on her own, so I decided yesterday I'd get another dog.

Rang up the rescue centre who said they had a 6 year old daschound cross that was probably suitable with my dog, so I went up there today, met him, and paid the �150. Cos Gizzy and Jack came from there too, and I have had Gizzy 15 years, they let me take him home straight away.

Seems to like me, and seems to like like it here - currently asleep on the sofa and seems well happy.

Not a question, just sharing, and a gentle reminder to anyone considering a dog, remember rescues rather than getting from a breeder or a pup.


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Ahh that's nice.

We didn't get our dog from a rescue centre but he is a failed gundog and nobody wanted him. He's scared of noises!!! He was so scared when we brought him home but now he's mental unless he hears a noise.

We got a disabled kitten noone wanted and our first cat was dumped.

As you say so many unwanted pets out there
I agree postdog. I would never buy a pedigree. I have had two dogs and both were rescued. A German Shepherd and a Bichon Frise. I am now thinking of getting another so have started looking for local rescue centres but can't seem to find many.

Does he get on ok with Gizzy postdog?
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He's seeking attention a bit, and I have to pet them both equally. Gizzy seems a little put out by another dog (like nicking her spot on the sofa) but they get on fine, No fights, no jealousy - give them time and they'll bond a bit.
the only time we ever went to a rescue centre, they turned us down flat because "we never rehome over christmas" we had 3 weeks hols at home sorted, (I was only working part time anyway) huge secure garden could have given great references from our vet have no kids, no whizzy social life but they wouldn't even listen....

Best of luck with your new Friend .

He seems to have settled in and I hope that having a younger dog in the house might help Gizzy too - give her a second youth.

Oh ,how nice to go for a rescue dog.Hope they will bond real soon.Good luck with your new boy,keep us informed with how they are doing.g.
Oh woofgang - that's awful. I understand their concerns, but not to have taken your particular circumstances and deliberate planning into account is monstrous.

Did you ever eventually get a dog? If you finally went elsewhere for one I hope you made a big noise to the appropriate people about why a rescued dog wasn't homed with you.

yes we did get another dog. the lady who had bred all our previouses had an accident, one of her dogs pulled her over and she broke her pelvis. Her three dogs had to go into kennels and as the kennels was fairly near us she rang us and asked us to visit and take hers out to walk on the local heath. When she could come home, she could have two of the dogs with her but the other one was a little scatterbrain (the one who had pulled her over) so rather than leave her in kennels, she asked us to board her at our house. She settled well and after some thought the lady decided that she couldn't risk being pulled over again so asked us to keep her which we were delighted to do. We lost her the year before last at the great age of 14

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