Phantom Pregnancy in Dogs

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bananie | 18:31 Wed 24th Jun 2009 | Pets
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Anyone know what I can do about a phantom pregnancy in my dog? She is 2 years old, hasn't been dressed and is in tact. She's carrying a ball around with her and won't go anywhere without it, kinda nesting too. Should I do anything or just let is pass. How long will it last?


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This usually lasts about two to three weeks, which coincides with the times from being in season to a couple of days after when she would have whelped if mated. No treatment is usually necessary, unless the bitch actually produces milk, in which case you can get something to dry it up, or else she may get mastitis as there are no pups to suckle and reduce the milk.

Main thing is more exercise to take her mind off her 'babies' which you should not remove or else she may fret. Just let her carry them round for a few days and you will soon find she is back to normal. If you are into homeopathic treatments, pulsillata can help and if she gets milk then fennel will help dry it up. Spaying should stop it, but not always, and you can also have an injection called delvosterone, which is the same used to prevent them coming into season. Its not a real medical emergency, they just make you feel very sorry for them with their big sad eyes as they carry their 'babies' around.
I used to find that squeeky toys precipitated phantom pregnancies in my bitch. When I took the squeeks out of her toys she stopped having the phantoms!
Do her a massive favour and have her spayed. It'll put her out of her misery. Good luck.
Thats not always true, and if you do it while she is 'nursing' she can be left with a serious depression at having 'lost' her babies. Spayed bitches can still have phantoms.
bananie, one thing's certain. DON'T have her spayed and these distressing situations will continue throughout her life.

Just do what's best for your doggie, have her spayed, otherwise she'll go through this distressing ritual for the rest of her days.
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Paraffin - I have done some research on this since posting my question and there is empirical research to suggest that spaying does not stop phantom pregnancies at all - it is suggested that as much as 60% of bitches will suffer from this at some point, whether or not they are spayed or not. Thanks for your help anyway.
Hi bananie:
I know not what their "research" is based on but I can tell you that the several bitches I've owned so far haven't suffered from phantom pregnancies. Nor have they shown any such signs of symptoms. Maybe I've just been lucky, eh?

Hence, my opinion is based on knowledge borne from experience.

However, we're all entitled to our opinions but our pets' wellbeing depends on we owners making the right and best decisions in their interests. Best of luck.
As an add on watch out for any discharge which could be a sympton of pyometra, a lethal infection of the uterus which can occur 1 to 2 months after a season. Had a 5year old collie bitch that had to have an emergency op to save her life. She had a phantom pregnancy.
hiya im not sure on ur question but i think my bitch is having a phantom pregnancy, she is 1yr and 3mths and is secreting clear fluid from two nipples. i dont know if it effects them haveing the phantom pregnacy but i also have a male that is 6 mths younger than her, i dont want to spay her as i plan to breed from her but shes to young can anyone help me please
my staffie is nearly 4 yrs old and has just started carrying a soft ball around with her she hasnt been spayed . i also had a king charles that use to carry a soft toy around and push it undrneath her she was 13 believe it or not but she just stopped doing it after a few weeks . ive had a few bitches different breeds spayed and unspayed but only had the problem with these two. i hope my staff stops doing it i try to ignore and let her get on with it and hope it will pass .
i had a king charles spaniel that did that with a soft toy she was 13 yrs old at the time but she stopped after about a week . now my staffy whom is nearly 4 has started carrying a soft ball around without the sqeak in it but shes not nesting, i just let her get on with it and hope it will pass she hasnt been spayed and niether had my spaniel .

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Phantom Pregnancy in Dogs

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