Dog cataract operation

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dillon | 00:21 Sat 21st Feb 2009 | Pets
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My dog has just had a cataract operation due to diabetes which the vet said went very well. I have a couple of concerns but don't like to bother the vet over the weekend. His sight seems to have got a lot worse since the op and eyes are cloudy white. Do they get worse before getting better? Is this normal? Also how much of his (before diabetes) sight will he get back i.e 50% 100% etc. Have always had a good response on this site but never known how to acknowlege so thanks to anyone who answers & gives me reassurance as I'm starting to wonder if the dog would have been better off without the op , although the vet said he would go blind anyway. He's 7 by the way and the op cost �2000


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This may answer some of your questions: the_diabetic_dog.html

If you are really concerned then I would give the vet a ring tomorrow and ask their opinion. After charging 2,000 I would expect them to answer any questions I may have (especially on a Saturday 9am-5pm).

It is a good idea to write down what you want to ask them so that you are straight to the point (if you are like me you will remember something the minute you put the phone down!!!). Also write down (or maybe tape?) their replies so that you can read/listen to them later when you are not worked up.
Elderly people who've had same have improved site immediately.....should be same for animals?
can sympathise with your concerns but agree with previous post - the vet is there to answer your questions about this - don't hestitate to ring him/her. You get some great answers on here but on this, best speak with a real expert.I also have a blind dog and considered the same op for her - I decided against it though because one of the conditions was that she would have to stay on the lead for six months, not playing or shaking of the head if at all possible. She's a Border Coliie (going gradually blind due to cataracts, not diabetic so slightly different case to yours) and I thought that six months was a long time for out of a fourteen year olds life to be so restricted. Anyway, four years later she's still going strong and managing perfectly well although is virtually completely blind. Good luck.

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Dog cataract operation

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