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elemenope | 18:31 Sat 13th Dec 2008 | Pets
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I have heard many times that it is best to clear out old timothy hay before you give new hay, as older hay may be unhealthy (specifically for chinchillas). I do try to do this, although I find it very challenging as they fling it all over the cage and it's nearly impossible to keep track of. I am wondering how other people deal with this, and, is it just my high-strung chinchillas who can keep their hay organized! :D


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Have have 2 chinchilla's & I clean their cages out daily!

I put their hay in enamel bowls & they always dig around in it for the 'best bits' so its just normal for them to do this.

I'm afraid you will just have to remove as much as you can. I have sometimes left bits of it lying around but they don't seem to bother with it - they just eat the hay from their bowls.

I have found a very good website about chinnies -
The forum is very informative & everyone is friendly

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Timothy Hay

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