How much is a dog cremation?

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cherrypoker | 12:43 Fri 15th Aug 2008 | Pets
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Hello everyone!

I just wondered how much it will cost to get my beloved dog 'Rocky' cremated?
I have had him since he was 3 weeks old as he was abandoned in gardens. He is a brindle lurcher and now nearly 14 years old.
He was diagnosed with cancer of the thyroid in may of this year. He had an operation to remove 3 tumours as well as his thyroid and i was told they had got it all. However he is now on thyroid tablets (2 per day) because he is just a bag of bones. His appetite still hasn't increased though and he has been taking them for 3 weeks. I spoke to the vet yesterday and he advised me that if he is still in the same sorry state in 10-14 days then i should think about letting hime go. I have cried my heart out ever since. I know it might be for the best but i can't bear to let him go, selfish i know but i love him so much.
If anyone could help with this i'd be very grateful.


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It depends where you live. I googled 'pet cremation uk' and found lots of services all over the UK.

Here is one example: hp

My two beloved boxers died 2 years apart, the last one in March this year. Both were cremated and the cost was about �200 each time. The vet arranged everything and it took a lot of strain from us.
It depends how you want it done.
If you want an individual cremation, and the ashes returned to you, it might be as much as sandmaster says.

Our previous dog was cremated together with other animals, as we didn't want her ashes back (couldn't face looking at them as she was our first dog).

This is a cheaper option.
So sorry to hear about your dog.

If you phone your vets, they will be able to tell you which pet crematorium they use, and you can phone the crematorium directly, or visit their website, to find out what their charges are, and the various services that they offer.
So sorry you have this to face. With two elderly dogs myself I know I have to face this too soon. May God give you strength.
I am confused. you're saying how sad it is about your dog's condition.. but your only question is the cost of cremation?

perhaps you need to first decide if you're keeping your beloved pet alive for your own needs, or the dog's. we would all like to keep our loved ones with us, but we have to be realistic.
It was about �200+ when i had my last dear dog cremated for an individual cremation. My vet was very good and I had it all arranged beforehand as I knew that I would not be making much sense afterwards - if you really love your darling dog (and I'm sure that you do ) let her go and remember her in happy times.
I'm so very sorry about your dog, he's been through a lot & I'm sure in heart you know it's time to let him go.

That's harsh sara...cherry is obviously asking because she's going to have to make a difficult decision & it's probably the only question she doesn't have the answer to.
Oh that's sad for you cherrypoker .
When I had Shaney cremated last year it cost 120 pounds That was for him to be cremated on his own and the ashes returned .It was all nicely done .
Have a word with the vet .They are very understanding.They organise it all for you .
Sorry to hear about your dog .I'm sure you will do right thing for him when the times comes .
It's the last kind thing we can do for a beloved pet .
Chin up .
It cost about �40.00 last year for our little cat to be cremated on her own in a lovely local crematorium with a garden of rememberance. I didn't want her ashes back - I just needed to know she went somewhere nice and was treated with respect although she was dead.

I do feel for you cherrypoker. It's horrible having to say goodbye to a cherished pet who has been loved so much and been with you for such a long time.

You are obviously a very caring person and I send my best wishes to you.
It cost me �85 to have my lab cremated and her ashes returned. We buried her in the garden where she loved to lie under the trees, and strangely enough, the other two dogs, a Dobermann and Spaniel, turned up and almost stood to attention. Do they know?
I feel so sorry for you cherrypoker, what a state you must be in.But as other abers have said ring your vet they will be able to give you their price ect.Chin up ,I feel for you.g.
cherry so sorry to hear your dog is nearing his time i know how you feel we had to let our beloved gsd go a few weeks ago she was nearly 14 ,you have done your best for him and your vet is telling you what needs to be done be brave and do whats best for him if you can afford to have the vet come to you so he can go peacefully in his own home it will be hard but you will know you have done the last thing that you can do for him and have put him first it hurts so much but the good memories will come in on top of the sad ones in time ,until you answer a question like this on here now i have got to get the tissues i will be thinking of you both xxxRuthxxx
Oh cherry I am so sorry for you.I went through this 2 years ago with my beloved border collie,aged 17.She was mentally alert but her legs just gave out.I was heartbroken.No children,just my adored first dog.We had her cremated and ashes returned and if I remember rightly it was about �150.I still have her ashes,I cannot bear to part with them,she'll go with me I think. Really thinking of you.You just need to think that when the time comes Rocky will no longer be in any pain.It may be a cliche but it helped me no end (as did all the lovely people on this site) Take good care of him and yourself.
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I've just read all of your kind messages and it's lovely to know that people care as much as i do.
I just have to go along with the vets advice. As i said in my earlier post the vet has put him on thyroid tablets but i don't think that they are working. Rocky doesn't seem to be in any pain so the vet said to leave him for another 10 to 14 days to see what happens.
I just pray to god that he just slips away peacefully in his sleep but the reality is it probably won't be that way.
I just feel so heartbroken because he can't talk to me so i don't know what he thinks. You all might think that i'm being daft but i think of him as a person not a dog.
I'll keep you all informed so just keep an eye out for my post.
Thankyou once again for your kindness it's greatly appreciated.xx
to cremate a dog
how much is it to cremate a dog

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