nosey cats

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radiogaga | 00:37 Sat 09th Aug 2008 | Pets
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this evening im lying on the sofa watching tv, mr gaga 's on the computer in another room.
the remains of a takeaway are lying on the table,as the efforts of the fish - which was supposed to be dinner and had happened to become overcooked was in the kitchen stuck to pots and various impliments, i sat up from a lying position and seen a black cat creeping under the table, we dont have a cat
i jumped, the cat tried to run very fast which it could not as ive laminate flooring,
then it managed, gathered some momentum and shot out the back door which id left open!
so looks like we've a new cat as when i looked into the back garden later on it was back sitting on my bench.
we've been adopted!!


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Ah bless!! I have no doubt though that you are one of many this cat may have decided to adopt! I would not be surprised to find that my very friendly cat Bandit has many adopted slaves just ready to do her bidding when she wants it.
Do you have any other cats owned or adopted?
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no none as im pregnant and we have a little girl at 2 and a half.
we had thought of getting one as we both love them and our litle girl would surely love to have one too, but with baby two on its way we thought we'd put it off for a year or two.
its a gorgeous wee black thing with lovely yellow eyes.
we wait in wonderment hopeing it will come back !!
A cat came in through my kitchen window once. It was just sitting on my draining board watching me cook. I never saw it. I had my back to the sink. My husband walked into the kitchen and said "What's he doing in here". I looked around and said "Who?" I then saw the cat. My husband picked it up and put it outside and I don't know if I saw it again, well it never came in the window again.
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they are characters!
the black one has not came back :(
This is exactly how we were adopted by our 2 cats!

One was mieowing at the front door, I opened it and it calmly walked in and sat on the sofa next to my husband - cutting a long story short, we still have him he is 20 years old now and we have had him for 9 years.

Flo our latest arrival (have had her for about 6 months now) did exactly like your one did tonight, wandered into the house, and then left, we occasionally saw her chasing birds in the garden, and one day she actually ate the whole bird, our friend a vet said she was obviously starving, so I started to put food out for her and eventually she became our cat, we did advertise for her owner, checked all vets/cats protection but she was obviously a stray...she is now about one year old and absolutely beautiful although very small still.

Where we used to live a neighbours cat used to go from house to house, eating and sleeping wherever he fancied and it worked very well for many years until he passed away.

If he does come back , let us all know what you decide to do :-)

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hello the black cat pops in and out of the garden daily it seems. he/she scarpers when i open or approach the door.
ive left the door open, but its never came back in. its coat is reallty healthy and shiney, so its well fed.
i think it is unused to kids as when toddler gaga appears it disappears. sometimes only to the bushes as we see these lovely green eyes watching us. my daughter cant understand why its running away!! we are seriously thinking of getting a cat
as this one has put us in the mood and ive remembered how much fun and affection they have.

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nosey cats

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