Westie piddles when meeting people.

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elephanto | 14:38 Wed 04th Jun 2008 | Pets
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Help! Everytime my westie goes up to someone and greets them she piddles a little with excitement. It is becoming a habit and I am forever cleaning up after her. Has anyone any solutions? She is 20 weeks old and is toilet trained apart from these wee accidents.


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It is very common in puppies in at 20 weeks she will not have full control of her bladder (much the same as little children). My vet informed me that bitches can take up to one years before their bladder is fully mature.

Don't scold her (I'm sure you don't) she can't help it. Things will improve. There always do.
They always do!
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Thank you - eeeek! a whole year. I don't scold I say No piddling but she doesnt hear coz she's enjoying the attention.
I'm the same when I meet new people. It's so embarrassing. I just can't help it.
Not necessarily a whole year of piddling, it will gradually stop. Remember how easily little kids wet their pants when excited, they just can't hold themselves!

However, when somebody calls round ask them to ignore the dog and not make a fuss of her when they come in. The do pick up on people greeting each other and they want to join in. Perhaps put her in another room and then bring her through after guests, etc. have sat down and introduce her gently. It does work!
elephanto, you have some more good advice on this question over on the main topic 'Animals and Nature'. You seem to have posted twice.

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Westie piddles when meeting people.

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