Tying cotton around a wart.

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maxiewaxie | 18:27 Mon 24th Mar 2008 | Pets
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My dog developed a wart a while ago and I thought that if you tie cotton round them they falloff eventually. I have done this and over a period of about 1 month the wart has swollen and now looks like blood blister. It isn't given my dog any apin or discomfort. she doesn't seem to notice it. Does anyone know if this is usual before they fall off?

Thank you very much


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Are you sure it is a wart and not a tick? They swell up like a blood blister. If it is a tick it will soon fall off anyway, but if not, then your dog needs to be seen by a vet, as if it bursts it could at best get infected and at worst cause blood poisoning or bleed badly. I think its an old wives tale to tie cotton round a wart.

Wise words from the first post. Unless you have veterinary experience it is never a good idea to treat anything by yourself without at least consulting a vet first. This might be a wart - it might not - but tying it off and restricting the blood supply can be very dangerous causing increased trauma and the possiblity of a serious infection. Take the dog to the vets a.s.a.p and get this treated properly.


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Tying cotton around a wart.

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