very poorly border collie

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harley_Husky | 01:30 Wed 19th Mar 2008 | Pets
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Dear all.

I'd appreciate some advise if possible.

We have a 14yr old border collie bitch, who is having trouble breathing and occasionally starts to cough, followed by a kind of burpy sound like this " ugh....ugh........ugh..........ugh..............ugh..............UUUUUEEERR "
that probably makes no sense, but it's almost like a Donkey ' ee-orr '.

She has been prescrbed some meds from the vet as she has a lump pressing onto her heart which i believe is causing the above ...

The problem i have now is that she is bleeding from behind - like being in season & it really really smells, like rotting veg. When she wakes up in the morning and does the coughing there are stains on the laminate floor from where she has bled in the night.

I personally think that she has some kind of internal bleeding/tumour and that it would be better to get the vet to come around for the 'big sleep'.

Apologies for the long post - but any ideas people ??

Many thanks - Eddie


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No apologies necessary. A pet under stress is always worrying. It sounds a bit like poisoning but ofcourse it could be a number of things but the bleeding from the back is particularly worrying.

Get a professional opinion without delay. I don't wish to give you false hope but sometimes a vet can bring an animal with even distress as yours into a comfortable condition within a very short time with the appropriate intravenous administration of medicine.

Please let us know the outcome and good luck.

I agree with wildwood - a vet may be able to help. If not it will be a hard decision for you but you will do what's best for your dog. Please let us know how you get on - will be thinking of you
We had a border Collie, although he didn't have a cough, he did have a skin infection that he or the vets couldnt fight, he started passing blood in his urine and back passage. I'm afraid this was blood poisoning and no treatment would have been ethical.

We did have to put him to sleep, he was 10years.

It's very hard to think about it, but I think you probably know in your heart what is best.

So sorry and well wishes x
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Thank you everybody for your advise and kind words.

I'm going to speak with the vets again today and see what they think about the 'bigger picture'.

I'll report back asap.

Thanks again everyone
Eddie X
Sorry to hear of your dear pet harley , hope you can get her to the vet and get some advice ((( hug )) xxx
Oh Eddie, your poor girl. I hope the Vet can do something for her. Not sure I want to read the outcome. We have a BC, my first dog, and so they are very dear to me.
Let us know what happens.
I'm so sorry for you (I've been there with 14 yr old Goldie)
but we all leave it too long and I think you know it's time to call it a day.When I look back on it my dog suffered on and off quite a bit in the last year with her heart and a cancer and I wish I had done it sooner.Unless the vet has something to say to the contrary, let her go for her sake.
All the best,
Oh what a terrible time for you harley.Do whats best for your lady.Will be thinking about you both.Best Wishes.g

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very poorly border collie

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