Please help!!!!! will my tom cat kill my cats littens!!!!

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stephy123 | 21:19 Tue 15th Jan 2008 | Pets
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my cat is pregnant, but i dont know if my tom cat is the father! she got out at the start of her heat, will my tom cat kill her kittens?!
please help!!!!!


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Appreciate your concern, but I have never heard of such a thing in a domestic situation.

Is the tom castrated, might be a good idea if not.
She will protect them to the death! He will be risking not only his reputation but his manhood if he interferes with them. Talking of his manhood, get him down to the vet pronto for the snip or else he will be at it again as soon as she comes in season. Best get her done too once the kitties have gone.
Tom cats have been known to kill any kittens that are not theirs , I would imagine that there is a strong possibility in your situation that your male cat is the father, but as female cats can have split litters she could have mated with more than one Tom, watch your tom cat closely.
When our queen had her litter we were unsure if he was the father, when they came out they were definately his,...... he hated them with vengeance...hissing and spitting at them but mum cat was very good if they know that there babies are at risk she will try to move them to somewhere safe, we used a dog cage for the first 3 weeks so he could see them but not get at them, mum will not let them out of her sight anyway.....good luck im sure it will be fine and they will be beautiful!!!!
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Mum'll look after them, but Josaphine has a good idea about moving them into a cage, or somewhere out of the way of the tom. Having said that, the same thing happened at our house., but our tom cat was just a curious father. We kept the kittens until they were about 4 month's old, and they all got on amazingly well. x
We had a strange situation where a female cat which was not ours came into our house and laid her kittens in our spare bedroom. This was quite a surprise, but we had no option other than to provide food for her and let her get on with raising her kittens.

One night, we were awakened by the sound of cats fighting in our house. I went to investigate and found one of the kittens dead on the stairs. A tom cat (which also did not belong to us) had came in and killed the kitten by biting into its little skull.

It appeared that he had entered our house specifically to do this, because we had never seen this tom cat before (or since).

So beware - this can, and does happen!

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Please help!!!!! will my tom cat kill my cats littens!!!!

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