Dog leg amputation costs?

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jedimistress | 18:12 Tue 28th Aug 2007 | Pets
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How much roughly would a rear dog leg amputation cost for my 11 year old terrier mongrel? She weighs 19kg.

I don't want to get a shock like I always do when I go to the Vets tomorrow.

She has cancer. Thanks in advance.


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Sorry to hear this, but I would have thought you won't get away with anything less than two to three hundred pounds. Still at 11 she has hopefully got a good few years yet, and she will soon get used to getting around on three legs. Hope she gets on ok.
If like me you will pay what ever the cost as you love them no matter what, my boxer has cost us thousand s over her 7yrs, she has had 5 marcell tumors removed she has got a plait and 6 screws in her hind leg and is on tablets for the rest of her life she has an over activ thyroid, that alone cost us 49pnds a month, we can't afford private health care for us but for her yes we love them.
I hope she got on ok, she will be fine.
I would say around �300-�400 for the amputation but that won't include the anaesthetic, bloods and tests the vet will usually do.

What type of cancer does she have? I am so sorry for you as I have been in this situation. I lost my 7 year old Dobermann back in March to the worst of the cancers - osteosarcoma (bone cancer). He had a massive tumour in his front shoulder joint - he went lame and by the time he was diagnosed it had already spread to his lungs. I couldn't put him through all the pain of having his front leg taken off followed by bouts of chemo, as the chemo would not have killed the secondary tumours anyway. He would have lasted less than 6 months with surgery. I gave him the best 3 months I could - he was still full of life, going out for walks and you wouldn't have believed to have looked at him that he was at death's door........ all the best.

Is your dog okay?


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Dog leg amputation costs?

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